Appendix 1a
JF, Astrology Showing Her Interest in Astrology

The following partial chart is from the data for her 7th chart.:

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 7th House

Placidus: c11—3Lib, c12—26Lib, c2—20Sag, c3—28Cap b11—24Pis, b12—5Tau, b2—1Can, b3—23Can

Set (3) shows b7 moon (ruler of b 3rd house) in c 3rd house. It lights b jupiter conjunct pluto in Leo in b 3rd house. Moon in Aquarius is highly (but not absolutely) correlated with an interest in astrology. Lighted pluto in the 3rd shows psychological and/or research interest—intense, in-depth interest.

Set (2) shows venus conjunct neptune, again in the third house, again in Aquarius, lighted by b NN in Scorpio. It shows a possible love of (venus) and psychic sensitivity to (neptune) astrology (Aquarius).

C7 mercury, ruler of C MC, is also in c 3rd house in Aquarius. It does not need a light to be active because when mercury rules an Angle, it acts like a light.

Set (1) correlates strongly with (success in, jupiter) teaching, speaking, and writing (moon in Gemini). Including moon/jupiter/uranus in Gemini and neptune in Pisces, it is both intuitive (uranus) and imaginative/creative (neptune).

In addition to the Aquarian/3rd influences, JF has c moon at 26 Cancer 20, c saturn at 24 Libra 26, c7 uranus at 28 Libra 31, b sun at 24 Capricorn 52, and c mercury on the low end of the set at 22 Aries 35. C mercury rules C MC and c 8th house, while c saturn rules c 3rd. Light/saturn/uranus influencing an Angle and 3rd house (and probably 8th) is part of the signature for interest in (3rd house) (occult maters--8th) and being known as (Angle) an astrologer.

Why saturn and uranus? Saturn is correlated with conformity, and uranus, with disregard for same. Or, saturn to tradition, and uranus to rebellion against it. But probably, most of all, it shows an intuitive (uranus) interest in a deep and essential (saturn) subject. On the Tree of Life, saturn correlates with Binah, "Understanding," and uranus correlates with Chockmah, "wisdom," that is, the study of astrology is at least one path to the acquisition of wisdom. But it has to be a genuine study of "what is" (saturn, tradition), before it can eventually lead to what might be (uranus, utopia). Other astrologers could probably add more interpretations.

I am not sure, but suspect that JF’s b mercury in Capricorn, ruler of B Asc (early life), in her b 8th house (occult matters) had something to do with her starting the study of astrology at the young age of 8.

Significators for an interest in astrology can also occur in the 3rd chart.

As an indication of her success, especially as a writer (Gemini), she has the following set in her 10th chart:

b10 jupiter10 Gemini 22R
B Asc10 Gemini 57
b10 pluto11 Gemini 17
b10 mercury11 Gemini 26ruler of B Asc
c10 North North12 Gemini 10
c venus12 Pisces 27

The set above comprises a 10th chart golden benefic, highly favoring a social image that includes considerable success. I have written extensively about golden benefics (and their counterparts, dark malefics). For examples, they are discussed, in the paper on gurus as well as in all the papers on synastry.

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