Appendix 1
JF, Astrology for Dates of Asthma Attacks

The biography from Astrodatabank does not state whether or not JF had asthma as a child. Looking at her 1st chart, it would be reasonable to assume she did. Did the progression of her b1 North Node (1st attack, below) to her Angle/mars/neptune activate her asthma, or did it aggravate an until then, less severe asthma?

The First Attack—1st Chart
The first attack we know of occurred on October 12, 1978, , when she was 22 years old. During that attack she almost died.

Below I show her astrology that supports increased susceptibility to asthma. Right now, however, I want to add that at the time she also had some very favorable aspects. She had progressed B MC at 12 Pisces 37 conjunct c venus at 12 Pisces 27. Progressed B Asc was at 28 Gemini 46 conjunct c jupiter at 28 Gemini 41. These did not necessarily have anything to do with her surviving her attack. They indicate she was feeling “on top of the world.” When we have progressed Angles to venus and jupiter at the same time we feel invincible. We see ourselves as winners as does the rest of the world. If she had been being cautious with regard to her asthma, this would have been a time she relaxed her guard.

She submitted four dates of attacks. Let's proceed to the first one.

Remember Set (1) from her 1st chart? It shows her original Angle/mars/neptune. Here it is again with progressions for October 12, 1978. In each set below, I have put progressed, transiting, or return planets—all new to her chart since birth—in bold to highlight them.

Set (a)B MC19 Aquarius 46
c mars18 Taurus 45ruler of C Asc and c 6th house
b1 neptune18 Leo 48R
pb NN18 Scorpio 31

Set (a) influences two Angles—B MC and C Asc. Coming from 21 Scorpio 19 (where it had been part of her conjunction of mars and saturn in b 6th house), pb NN has fully entered Set (a). Having done so, it increases the emphasis for that set, that is, increases her sensitivity to allergens. Also, as an over-weighted condition, it functions as a timer. During the time it is there, she will be more susceptible to allergic reactions. By itself, however, it does not initiate this attack because it was in effect much longer than the period of the attack.

Set (b)pC MC26 Virgo 31
c1 mars26 Gemini 14ruler of C Asc

Set (b) shows a progressed Angle/mars.

Set (c)pC Asc4 Sagittarius 35
pc mars4 Gemini 16ruler of C Asc
pc1 moon4 Virgo 22co-ruler (28 of 38°) of c 8th house

Set (c) shows a second progressed Angle/mars, with the moon (moving at approximately 3°/month) adding an 8th house emphasis and acting as one of the timers for the event.

Below, in Set (d), we see Set (4) from her 1st chart re-emphasized and made more malefic. I show the original set on top and add the progressions to the bottom of the table:

Set (d)b1 mars8 Capricorn 11ruler of b 6th house
c1 mercury8 Aries 45ruler of C MC and c 8th house
b uranus5 Cancer 22 Rruler of B MC in c 3rd house
b neptune6 Libra 16R
pb1 mercury8 Cancer 57ruler of B Asc
pc1 saturn8 Libra 03Rruler of c 3rd house

We do not have to include b uranus and b neptune in this progressed set. With progressions only an orb of 1° is allowed. These two planets started out retrograde, so have moved even further away from the mercury/mars part of the set, not toward it. Even without them, we now have lighted (mercury ruling an Angle acts like a light as well as a ruler) 2mercury/mars/saturn influencing two Angles (C MC and B Asc) and 3rd, 6th, and 8th houses. Saturn has entered Set (4) which, considered conservatively, influences two Angles. Even without the change to her original Set (2) [immediately below] she started with mars conjunct saturn in a 6th house and later acquired this second lighted mar/saturn influence to a 6th house.

Another major progression includes her original Set (2) from her 1st chart as well as progressed and return planets :

Set (e)b NN21 Scorpio 19
b mars22 Scorpio 44ruler of b 6th house
b1 saturn23 Scorpio 24ruler of b 8th house
pb1 mars22 Aquarius 50ruler of b 6th house
pc1 sun22 Taurus 34
return neptune21 Scorpio 40

Set (e) shows a doubly lighted mars/saturn/neptune in b 6th house, influencing b 6th and 8th houses. It is weaker because it does not influence an Angle, but it has added neptune influence to a 6th house.

A more mixed (including only progressions and return planets) lesser set shows another lighted mars/saturn influence:

Set (f)pb mercury22 Capricorn 59ruler of B Asc
pc saturn22 Libra 41Rruler of c 3rd house
return mars21 Libra 24

She has two new sun/saturns. Here I show only one of them :

Set (g)pc sun7 Taurus 31
c saturn7 Scorpio 48ruler of b 8th house

The 7th chart and 1st chart showed death for the one individual in this study who died during an attack. That is not surprising in the sense that the 7th chart is our major chart and it often works with another chart to show conditions and events, especially events. Here, and at the end of the presentation of 1st chart astrology for each attack, I have included some of her 7th chart astrology.

For those not used to working with harmonic charts and their progression, I want to point out that all progressions that are not harmonic are the same for all 12 charts (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). Harmonics of those progressions, however, differ from one harmonic to the next. So, above, all the progressions for her 1st chart that were non-harmonic also occurred in her 7th chart. Below are pertinent harmonic progressions for the 7th chart

pC MC26 Virgo 31
b7 neptune26 Pisces 24
c7 moon27 Gemini 02co-ruler (28 of 38°) c 8th house

pc7 neptune16 Aquarius 35ruler of c 4th house
C Asc16 Scorpio 33

So, her 1st chart showed progressed node to her original B MC/mars/neptune. Her 7th chart shows two more, new Angle/neptunes. (Her 7th chart does not originally have an Angle/neptune).

Now we will return to her 1st chart astrology.

The Second Attack—1st Chart
When I have only the month an event occurred, I do progressions for the approximate middle of the month, that is, the 15th. Data reports the attack occurred in May, 1997. All progressions below are for May 15, 1997.

When time is unknown, I usually use 7 p.m. (or 7 a.m.) of the standard time for birth (or locality if I know it) for transits. All transit times used herein are for 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Set (a)b1 moon1 Libra 35ruler of b 3rd house
pB MC1 Aries 10
pc neptune1 Libra 31ruler of c 4th house

Set (a) shows a new, (lighted) Angle/neptune influence.

Set (b)pc1 mercury8 Leo 48Rruler of C MC and c 8th house
pb saturn8 Scorpio 36Rruler of b 8th house

Set (b) shows a new (lighted) saturn influence to an Angle/8th. She did not have an Angle/saturn influence to start with in her 1st chart.

Set (c)pb1 mercury4 Libra 41ruler of B Asc
pc1 saturn4 Libra 28Rruler of c 3rd house

Set (c) shows another new, lighted saturn influence to an Angle/3rd (mercury acts both as a ruler and a light when it rules an Angle).

Set (d)c mars 18 Taurus 45ruler of C Asc in b 6th house
b1 neptune18 Leo 48
B MC19 Aquarius 46
pb1 sun18 Scorpio 51co-ruler (20 of 27°) of b 3rd house

As in Set (a) in the previous attack, a light has progressed to this Angle/mars/neptune, also influencing 3rd and 6th houses, and increased it power. This set also constitutes a new sun/mars—more on that in Set (e) below.

Set (e)pc sun 25 Taurus 20
pb1 saturn25 Scorpio 49ruler of b 8th house

This is a new sun saturn. It does not have Angular influence, so is less potent. However, JF started out with three of her four 1st house suns in the same set with saturn: (1) c sun at 14 Aries 52 is with b1 sun at 14 Cancer 37 and c1 saturn at 13 Libra 57R, and (2) b sun at 24 Capricorn 52 is with c saturn at 24 Libra 26. With the progressed sun/saturn in Set (e) above she then had four. Combined with her sun/mars in Set (a) it forms a “summed” sun/mars/saturn, suggesting threat (mars/saturn) to her vitality (sun).

We are back to her “natal” Set (2) again. It started as NN/mars/saturn” in the 6th house. Below, in Set (f), it has acquired progressed and return planets.

Set (f)b NN21 Scorpio 19
b mars22 Scorpio 44ruler of b 6th house
b1 saturn23 Scorpio 24ruler of b 8th house
pb1 mercury21 Aquarius 34ruler of B Asc
return mars22 Leo 03

Pb1 mercury gives this set Angular influence, greatly increasing its strength. Note it has picked up a return mars. This set is re-emphasized by progressions, transits, and/or return planets in three of her four attacks.

I don’t know quite how to interpret the next set:

Set (g)b1 uranus16 Scorpio 06in b 6th, ruler of B MC in c 3rd
C Asc16 Scorpio 33in b 6th house
pb NN (coming fr. 21 Scorpio 19) 16 Scorpio 50
pc1 jupiter16 Scorpio 33

Perhaps she had something fortunate (jupiter) happen while undergoing the sudden (Uranus) possibly life-threatening (Scorpio) health (all 6th house) experience. It could have been a deeper view into the meaning of life. Maybe her good fortune was simply in the fact she lived, but to my understanding this jupiter could not have been the sole sponsor of that.

Set (h): progressed B MC at 1 Aries 10 is still within orb of her progressed c neptune at 1 Libra 31.

A number of smaller, less significant sets usually accompany the more potent ones. For instance, for this, her second attack, her return1 (that is, harmonic) uranus was at 11 Gemini 42 conjunct her B Asc at 10 Gemini 57. Progressed C MC was at 14 Libra 19, in the same set with the two suns listed above in the paragraph following Set (e) above. (I did not include the saturn, which is at 13 Libra 17.) Return North Node was at 3 Virgo 13 conjunct C MC at 3 Virgo 52. New Angle/lights—regardless of whether or not they are in the set(s) signifying the event—increase potency for good or bad of whichever sets are forefront at the time.

For her 7th chart progressions we have the following for this same date. May 15, 1997:

pb mercury21 Aquarius 34ruler of B Asc
c7 neptune21 Aquarius 44ruler of c 4th house


pb7 mercury14 Leo 02ruler of B Asc
pc7 neptune13 Aquarius 40Rruler of c 4th house


pb7 sun26 Sagittarius 32ruler of b 4th house, co-ruler b 3rd
b7neptune26 Pisces 24


pb7neptune21 Pisces 00R
pC Asc21 Sagittarius 03

The above show three new Angle/neptunes.

The Third Attack—1st Chart
All progressions below are for May 16, 2001, the actual date of the attack.

Her third attack works much more through her return than the previous ones:

Set (a)pB MC5 Aries 08
pb neptune5 Libra 34R

Set (a) shows a new Angle/neptune.

Set (b)b1 uranus16 Scorpio 06in b 6th house, ruler of B MC in c 3rd house
C Asc16 Scorpio 33in b 6th house
pb NN 16 Scorpio 22
pb1 neptune16 Leo 43R

As can be seen, in Set (b) her pb NN is still active (as it was in her previous attack) with her Asc/uranus set. It was coming from 21 Scorpio 19 at birth. But now pb1 neptune has also entered the set, giving her another new Angle/neptune.

Set (c)b1 NN3 Capricorn 57
b mercury3 Capricorn 27ruler of B Asc
pc1 saturn3 Libra 49R ruler of c 3rd house
return moon4 Cancer 15

Pc1 saturn was coming from 13 Libra 17 at conception. This set shows a new lighted saturn influence to an Angle. The nearest neptune to it is c neptune at 2 Libra 15, which, because of the return moon, could be added to the set. That would give her light/mercury/saturn/neptune influence to an Angle and 3rd house. Without the neptune, it comprises a new, lighted, Angle/saturn/3rd influence. So, once again, for this serious attack she has acquired a new Angle/saturn when by birth she had none in this chart.

Neptune in this chart is again emphasized through pc1 NN at 6 Aquarius 48 in the same set with c1 neptune at 7 Leo 14. Progressed planet/nodes that do not influence Angles often appear almost as strong as if they did.

She starts picking up mars influence in several ways:

Return MC (for North Carolina) is at 18 Gemini 14 conjunct her pc mars at 18 Gemini 59.

Set (d)c mars 18 Taurus 45ruler of C Asc in b 6th house
b1 neptune18 Leo 48
B MC19 Aquarius 46
return1 saturn19 Taurus
transiting pluto19 Scorpio 39

Transiting saturn has joined her original Angle/mars/neptune. It provides a momentary “snapshot” of an emphasis occurring during the period of her return. This one shows Angle/mars/saturn/neptune—siege conditions.

And finally, return1 mars was at 10 Aquarius 24 in the same set with c1 NN at 10 Aquarius 33, b1 jupiter at 10 Aquarius 05, b1 pluto at 10 Aquarius 19, and b mercury (ruler of B Asc) at 10 Taurus 22.

For her 7th chart progressions for May 16, 2001 we have the following :

pb 7 moon1 Libra 06ruler of b 3rd house
pb7 mercury1 Libra 39ruler of B Asc
pc neptune1 Libra 28Rruler of c 4th house

She has a progressed moon/mercury/neptune which influences an Angle. That is, she has a new Angle/neptune/(3rd).

The Fourth Attack—1st Chart
Occurring in February, 2002, I have used February 15, 2002 as the date of her last (reported) asthma attack.

For her fourth attack, the same conditions as for her third appear effective. Here they are:

In Set (a) above (for May 16, 2001), pB MC has moved to 5 Aries 53 while pb neptune has moved to 5 Libra 33. Or, perhaps we should use her b neptune, which is at 6 Libra 16, or their midpoint (which is 5 Libra 53). A new Angle/neptune.

In Set (b) above, her pb NN has moved just a little to 16 Scorpio 13 while her pb1 neptune was at 16 Leo 40R, so this set is still in effect, still a new Angle/neptune.

From Set (c) above, pc1 saturn has moved to 3 Libra 43R, still a new Angle/saturn.

We cannot use transits for this attack because we only know the month it occurred. But we can use the return planets. Two of her returns were in effect in the month of February. The first occurred on December 31. 2001; the next, on February 8, 2002. They are erected for her North Carolina home. The earlier return showed the most affinity with planets sponsoring her attack.

Return1 mars was at 4 Libra 43, fitting into Set (c), giving her light/node/mercury/mars/saturn/neptune influence to an Angle and 3rd house.

Return MC was at 28 Gemini 45 conjunct c jupiter at 28 Gemini 41. But, also in the set was pc1 mars at 28 Virgo 25 (ruler of C Asc in b 6th house and ruler of c 6th house), and return mercury at 29 Sagittarius 42. (Notice that I do not use return planets as rulers of her chart's houses.)

Return Asc was at 26 Virgo 14 in the same set with c1 mars at 26 Gemini 14 (ruler of C Asc in b 6th house and ruler of c 6th house) and return moon at 25 Gemini 43.

Return1 NN was at 7 Leo 17 in the same set with c1 neptune at 7 Leo 14 and b saturn at 7 Scorpio 48 (with b saturn ruling b 8th).

Return pluto was at 21 Scorpio 45, while return mars was at 21 Aquarius 34, fitting into her NN/mars/saturn conjunction in b 6th house.

Return planets, then--and probably transit, but we do not have a date--moved her asthma condition from incipience (through progressions) to actuality.

For her 7th chart we have the following progressions for this date of February 15, 2002:

pb 7 NN26 Piscescoming from 11 Taurus 52 at birth
b7 neptune26 Pisces 24
c7 moon27 Gemini 02co-ruler of c 8th house

None of the above rules an Angle. However, pC Asc was at 25 Sagittarius 48, arguably a part of the above set when the orb-stretching effects of the moon plus the progressed node are taken into consideration. That would give her a new Angle/neptune.

Through progressions, returns, and transits, each of JR’s four attacks played off the pre-existing sets suggesting susceptibility to asthmatic attacks.

She had additional progressed Angle/neptunes in her 7th chart for all four of her asthma attacks.

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