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     You walk over to a small cluster of rocks at the east side of the room.  As you get closer, 
the smell grows considerably stronger.  The air is so thick over here, that you feel you can
almost grab hold of it with your hand.  Sticking out from behind one of the rocks, you see 
something furry.  You can't tell from your viewpoint what it is or even how big it is, but you 
know it can't be good.  You are about to turn away, when curiosity gets the better of you, and 
you step closer.
     Suddenly, the thing covered with hair moves.  You hear it scuttle foreward a few steps,
pause, and move again.  Though you desperately want to leave, to just get out of there as fast 
as you can, you move foreward the remaining distance between you and the rock.  What you see
makes you want to throw up.  The hair that you saw belongs to a severed human head.  It is lying 
on it's side, and where you should be able to see the ear, there is nothing but a few loosly 
hanging strips of flesh.  Instead of being evenly cut at the neck, it is very ragged.  You can 
even see part of the left shoulder, as if it had been chewed off rather than cut with a blade.
     You stand there wondering what terrible fate had cursed this man, when a large rat scurries
up and drags the head away.  "Sick..." you whisper to no one in particular.

Do you...
 walk up the flight of stairs
 enter the dark tunnel