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     You enter the tunnel and blindly make your way through it, running your hand along the wall 
as a guide.  A half an hour passes before you come to anything, and you're glad because you were 
beginning to get the creeps.  There is a rather short door in front of you now.  At eye-level is 
a large, brass knocker.  Just below that is a piece of paper, held up by a thumb tack.  The 
message on the paper says:

                       Sorry I'm not here to help you with your work.  I know it 
                    was important to you.  But we've had some trouble over at the 
                    lab.  God, she's really done it this time.  I told her she 
                    shouldn't mess with the thing; it's getting too dangerous now...  
                    Anyway, I don't know how long it will be before I can get back 
                    to you.  Could be days, even weeks.  I just pray everything 
                    turns out okay.  I'm worried sick about this, Dave.  I don't 
                    know what I'm going to do.


     You wonder what this Grant person is talking about.  Whatever it is, sounds like they're in 
a lot of trouble.  Maybe Dave is in there now.  If he is, he could show you the way out of this 
place.  It sure would be nice to see some sunlight again.
     You reach out and knock on the door.  No one answers.  You try again.  Only silence in 
return.  Reluctantly, you turn the knob, and the door swings open easily, quietly.  You step 
inside the room.

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