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06/21/01 - Revised links: new HTML and chapter graphics. Hope you like them!

05/24/01 - Added "Crystal Rose" page.

03/20/01 - "Waiting For You" won the Miniseries for the Month! Thanks to everyone who voted! =)

A tale of mystery, suspense, and a little bit of angst... dealing with the challenges life brings, coping with loss... but most of all, it's a story of Ranma and Akane, and a love so enduring, it can overcome anything in its way...

Chapter 1 : A Gift For Akane
Chapter 2 : Poison
Chapter 3 : Lost Hope
Chapter 4 : Journey
Chapter 5 : Sacrifice
Chapter 6 : Someone From The Past
Chapter 7 : Aftermath
Chapter 8 : Revelations
Chapter 9 : Changes
Chapter 10 : Decisions
Epilogue : Till Death Do Us Part

Author's Notes *new*

For those who are interested, I got some pictures of the "crystal rose" from DIF (see Author's notes).
Crystal Rose page *new*

WFY Fanart Gallery *new*

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