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Blueprint Files

- Buck Rogers -
Quad Starfighter
'Happy B-Day Buck' Starfighter
- ADDED 1-19-05 -
Studio Scale - Thunderfighter

- Galaxy Quest -
NESA Protector

- Forbidden Planet -
Robby's Jeep

- Star Trek -
All Good Things NCC-1701D
- UPDATED 4-3-06 -
TOS NCC-1701

CAD Resource Center

Hello and welcome to my corner of the web. The purpose of this site, besides as acting as a platform for learning about web page design, is to be a forum in which to display my drawings/blueprints, that will range from the Buck Rogers, Star Trek, Forbidden Planet and military aircraft. The subjects that will be displayed here in most cases will not be the usual fare, though a few familiar subjects are planned.

All the drawings will be 2D in a 3 to 5 view layout. This layout is very useful for those wishing to create 3 dimensional models whether real or virtual. All of the subjects displayed here have been created through photographic research and/or from commercially available models. I do not have access to the filming models and I am not in the Special Effects business nor do I have contacts in that world, but I am always looking for more information. So if you wish to help please drop me a line, constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you for visiting.


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