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Pepsi Cans


In the summer of 1999, LucasFilm, Ltd. made a deal with Pepsi and released an entire line of Pepsi/Star Wars products, namely a series of 24+ collectors cans to help promote the long awaited Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace--each with a character picture on them. This resulted in the biggest merchandising deal in history. Pepsi put the pictures on four of their soda products in the US: Pepsi (8 cans), Diet Pepsi (4 cans), Pepsi One (4 cans), and Mountain Dew (8 cans). Each can was only available under a certain product, and a several rare cans could also be found. The deal expanded to other nations, such as Japan, Turkey, and many others, releasing their own, similar sets of Star Wars cans.

Summer 1999 was also a time when I, BobaFett688 was obsessed with collecting all 24. Don't laugh. And unfortunately, all the good sites devoted to these cans have been shut down. So, as a devoted Star Wars fan, XCSW now has an extensive guide, which you are currently reading right now, all for the total price of--absoloutely nothing. We have everything you need to know about the cans including pictures and every bit of info about that can. Enjoy!

The Facts

  • These cans were released in late spring through early fall 1999.
  • The deal made between Pepsi and Lucasfilm was the highest-grossing merchandising deal of all time.
  • There's a strong possibility of a new set coming out with the release of Star Wars Episode II
  • There were 24 cans, as well as about 2 or 3 rare cans.
  • One of the rare cans was a Gold Yoda, which could be redeemed for (gasp)...$24. (see "Secret Cans" below for more info)
  • Pictures also appeared on bottles, which weren't a fourth as cool as the cans.
  • Each can had a word hidden somewhere on it. When you unscrambled all the words, you could find the hidden phrase (see below).
  • BobaFett688 is a moron for collecting all 24.
  • Pepsi and Mountain Dew taste good. Diet Pepsi and Pepsi One taste horrible (more like Pisspi).

    In the guide below, you will find a picture of the can, character's number and name, hidden word, and the short blurb about them which appears on the can (bio), in that order.

    The Cans

    #1: Anakin Skywalker
    Hidden Word: New
    Bio: Caring and charismatic, this young slave finds that the key to unlocking his destiny is his own inner strength. But the path ahead is a clouded one.

    #2: Sebulba
    Hidden Word: Lurks
    Bio: The best Podracer on Tatooine, he is also the most feared. Victory for him is complete only when his opponents are destroyed.

    #3: Qui-Gon Jinn
    Hidden Word: Breaks
    Bio: A compassionate Jedi Master, he is highly attuned to the Force. But he shuns consensus and follows his own path, despite the consequences.

    The Can List

    The hidden word which appears on the can is in italics


  • #1 Anakin Skywalker New
  • #2 Sebulba Lurks
  • #3 Qui-Gon Jinn Breaks
  • #4 Watto But
  • #5 Jabba the Hutt Their
  • #6 Senator Palpatine Face
  • #7 R2-D2 But
  • #8 Darth Sidious Enslavement

    Mountain Dew

  • #9 Darth Maul Destroyed
  • #10 Jar Jar Binks Future
  • #11 Mace Windu May
  • #12 Obi-Wan Kenobi Another
  • #13 Captain Panaka Anakin
  • #14 Rune Haako Is
  • #15 Ric Olé Free
  • #16 Destroyer Droid Jedi

    Diet Pepsi

  • #17 Queen Amidala But
  • #18 Padmé Naberrie Nearby
  • #19 Shmi Skywalker Is
  • #20 Battle Droid Triumph

    Pepsi One

  • #21 Chancellor Valorum Menace
  • #22 C-3PO The
  • #23 Nute Gunray Clouded
  • #24 Boss Nass One

    And the message is...

    The hidden message is actually three phrases:

    "Anakin breaks free but may face new enslavement"

    "The Jedi triumph but their future is clouded"

    "One menace is destroyed but another lurks nearby"

    The Secret Cans

    In addition to the 24 cans released (which is read above on the list), there are actually a few more, quite-rare Episode I Cans.

    Gold Yoda

    Okay, so everyone knows about the Gold Yoda. If you were to find this rare can, you can redeem it for a whopping...$24.


    Probably the coolest can ever. As you can see, it depicts both Anakin and his future self, Vader.

    Luke Skywalker

    Yes! Though Luke didn't appear in Episode I, some idiot made a can for him!

    Qui-Gon Storm

    Storm? What's Storm?! It's another kind of Pepsi can, and I think it's an orange drink. This can was available only in certain areas, I think.


    Here's another Storm can, featuring the universe's most annoying CG character ever.

    The Special Edition Cans

    Even more cans...! Aaah! These cans were released with the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition, back in 1997. The cans are as followed:

    From left to right: Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, R2-D2, The Trilogy Logo

    Can Links

    Here are some good links you might wanna click through for more info on the Star Wars cans:

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    Hey you! Yeah! You! Got can info? E-mail it to BobaFett688