The Drawing Board

Many Thanks to GARY FOX (let the trumpets resound!) for tipping me off to this!

Q: What is The Drawing Board?
     A: TDB is a freeware/shareware utility that I now use to create BattleTech 'Mech designs. It uses a simple Windows-based menu interface and can also print official-looking BattleTech stat sheets!  It is superior to what I previously used, MechEngineer, because TDB is easier to use, has more functions, and doesn't make clerical errors.

Q: How big is TDB?
     A: The zip file is 2.1 MB, and it'll take 2.29 MB on your hard drive. I've had it for a long time and have forgotten how it came, so I put all the important looking files in there.  It takes about 18 to 20 minutes to download on a 56kbps modem.

Q: OK... how do I install it?
     A: Click on the 'Setup' executable file. Follow the onscreen directions.

Q: What if it messes up?
     A: Go to and get it.  They also have MechEngineer there, if you're interested.

Q: How do I download it?
     A: Just click on the link below.  If you don't have a unzipping utility, go to and go find "Power Archiver."  It's freeware and supports other compression modes as well.

Q: What is available, and what are the copyright restrictions?
A: We've got MechEngineer proper as well as several archives of premade stats.  For fans of the TME design series, all of the TME designs are also included.  As for copyright, it is freeware, free to distribute, use, and keep.  I think the programmers still don't want you to peek at their source code, but I might be mistaken.


    The Drawing Board Version 2.0.10 -- The application, massing about 3.3MB.

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