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     The year is 3060. War is dominated by gigantic war machines called BattleMechs. Ten to twelve meters tall and massing ten to one hundred metric tons, these robotic titans are armed with a scalding array of lasers, particle cannons, autocannons, and missiles. They have enough firepower to flatten anything... exept possibly another 'Mech. BattleMechs are nothing, however, without their pilots. These Mechwarriors have captured the public imagination and have become the mounted knights of the 31st century.  In the current day and age, political cunning and tactical genius are required to survive. Life is cheap, but BattleMechs aren't.

     BattleTech is, arguably, my favorite wargame. Not only does it have a fast and easy tactical rule system, it also has an intricate backplot and an evolving storyline. This game has gone a long way from the 3025 battles I played when I was eight.

What is BattleTech?
The Inner Sphere
The Clans
Stories From the Front
The Drawing Board
The Great BattleMaster Mystery!

TME Industries Battletech Designs
Showcase Designs (by people other than me)

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