Chapter III - The Past Becomes Present

Destiny...The Past Becomes The Present

      Having attached the final piece to the himself, perhaps stepping back into the past he has avoided, he was ready to seek out his answers, taking a deep breath knowing what he may find there could damage him further, memories long blocked for years would inevitably be uncovered and exposed. His eyes lift to the darkness of the room, glancing to the fresher, making sure everything is turned off and secure, as he waltz out into the vast hall again.

      He stops short, closing his eyes...feeling something odd in the atmosphere of the dimly lit fortress, he's not alone. Slowly opening his eyes he searches through the darkness, a presence is in his domain...a person. As his mind focuses further he's able to tap into the figures emotions, not having to physically see him/her but knowing they are there somewhere in the darkness. His mind torn between destiny and finding the source of the intruder, as he taps further into the figures emotions, he senses shock, slight fear, adrenaline rushing through them...and a lingering aura of curiosity, like he/she are searching for answers. Again reaching deep within this individuals mind, he knows now...he knows that if it were a man, he'd sense danger, if it were an assassin, he's sense a motive, a tense heart racing for the this figure was void of that...this figure was a woman...

      His lips parting slightly, no emotion in his eyes, no sense of dread, or a lingering quest to discover her...for he has better things he must attend to, after all she is not here to harm then he trusts she will do no harm to his domain as he strides towards the hanger bay, having grabbed his long black sleeveless trench coat, before leaving the room, he wraps it around his shoulder, slipping on hand through the hole then the other, pulling his shoulders in as the sleek black leather wraps around conforming to the shape of his figure, the length of it billowing around to rest along his legs, housed by his knee high shiny black boots. His eyes raised to the massive steel structure visibly coming into view as he ventures closer to it. The triangular shape forming, then suddenly interrupted as the metallic structure snakes out, down and an angle and then straight down to the floor again, the solid steel blast doors closed, silent...He looks to the door, his finger tracing the emblem inscribed within the dark highly polished metal, again the Versai Crest signature "V" arching across the entrances to both doors, when closed the doors form the "V" in perfect order. His eyes wander to the security panel embedded within the wall, as he steps toward it. Looking to the holoscreen, he slides his finger along the DNA scanner slowly, as a computer voice reads "Welcome Master Versai, access is granted."

      With that, the huge doors lifeless hiss, as the hydraulic locks unlatch, the "V" parting into two angles as the doors slide open, a rush of wind catching Val's hair blowing it slightly, then again silence...a black void within the doors. Val walks through the doors and steps into the center of the darkness, letting it wrap around him...surround him, his eyes adjusting as his lips part to speak...within the darkness he says...

"Activate chamber lights".

      The spilt second his words are mentioned, the entire room dead silent, hums to life, electricity if you listened close enough surging through the wire manifolds, as the darkness is stripped away, the entire chamber becomes illuminated in white radiance as lights flicker to life, in a almost circular pattern one after another, Val's eyes closing from the brightness, slowly adjusting to them. As the lights finish the pattern, the room is revealed to be more than it appeared it is in fact not a chamber but a huge hanger bay. Val knows all too well where he is as he strides past his many vehicles of choice.

      The first thing he notices to his left is a relic of sorts, often over looked but made famous during the Battle of Endor, a vehicle given to him after he achieved high rank upon Endor from within the Scout Trooper unit he served with so long ago...but also not by just the Empire no...his adopted father Jonathan Winters. His adopted father was the only family Val knew after being separated from his parents. He recalls even detail as where he stands is again wrapped back into a flashback, recalling him crying there as a young boy trying to survive in the harsh environment of Endor, all the while within his mind the lingering question of why, why had they left him to die? He may have been so young then but even children know of death, they know of pain. He recalls when he struggled through the think foliage as a net sprung around him, his cries heard by no one, he hung within the cloth woven net for a day...being able to do nothing to escape, eventually laying there, not caring if he died within it.

As he lost hope a shot rang on in the silent forest, suddenly he was feeling the wind rush from beneath him as his stomach dropped, colliding with the floor. He glanced up, noticing two figures clad in black and white, glistening in the light of the forest, almost inviting except for their much mystery behind them as their cold black visors rested upon him..they were Scout Troopers. As Val again reemerges into reality he stares at the vehicle the sleek rows of metal held by a securing link to the end, the slender shape uniform all the way though, glancing upon the seat, and to the foot pedals, to the miniature blaster cannon attached to the underside, the underside of a speeder bike, his speeder bike.

      Walking casually further on he looks along a slightly larger craft, the basic outstretched design nothing spectacular to gaze upon, but his eyes trace the main feature of such a vessel, two very powerful blaster cannons hugging the sides of the rectangular craft, the sleek wings attached to the sides just above where the cannons protrude making no mistake, this craft was one of his favorites because many had forgotten its existence, the craft was a Howlrunner. Again though like a vast show of cars in a show room he ventures on to more of this prized crafts. His gaze looking upon another symbol from his past, his eyes tracing every detail from the folded wings stretched along the sides, to the massive tail fin reaching to the skies, this craft bathed in white with the sheen of the jet black highly polished shielding around the cockpit, a signature to its unique design.

This craft was unmistakable it was his prized first draft of his official vessel, once called Appurtenance, now when the one who gave this ship to him passed away, destroyed aboard the first Death Star, called Assailant, because that that point in time, Val recalls every feeling of felt, he had slain Krevlin and he knew the rebel threat was near, but his life was not well...he felt empty, he swore to find some way to go on, he carved the word "Assailant" across the ships hull not in huge letters but prominent enough to those who knew of the carving's existence. This vessel as a Lambda
class Imperial Shuttle, modified more for combat than escort, but even still the vessel has it's limits.

      Again however, Val ventures deeper into the vast chamber that is his personal hanger bay, to a more massive ship, this ship overlooked for years, but very durable in a fight, adding to the fact Val personally upgraded it's original modifications, increasing the power to it's engines and weaponry, even down to his personal design of a scaled down mini super laser type technology, in the fact to charge the weapon it uses 13 crystals to form a supreme beam of light, the weapon he loves, housed within the hull a smaller scaled down version within his Imperial Shuttle version of his this vessel. The sleek curvature of the wings the most dazzling part of its design, but the massive amount of power his ship

      contains impressive to most, this ship is his prized possession now, his vehicle of choice, a massive Marauder Corvette, he too named this ship The Assailant, but this one more appropriate for the term as the tough nature and firepower of this vessel demands respect, a menacing ship indeed very easily holding its own in a fight.

      Looking to the massive ship with an almost uncanny awe, he lowers the ramp and boards it. Walking into the mouth of the vessel to its eyes, sitting alone in the cockpit, strapping the various safety equipment around him. With a slight flick of his wrist he flips the switches on. The engines powering up, electricity racing through the vast shell of the ship, powering everything to full capacity as each function of the vessel comes online, warmed up and prepped for each individual task. With another flick of his wrist Val engages the lights along the floor of the chamber, a massive pair of doors closed ahead of him, his other finger flicks another switch as the ominous and vast stretched hexagon shaped doors part into two, both sliding opposite to each other, a hiss as cold air fills the chamber from the atmosphere outside. With the doors open, Val wraps his hand around a control stick, pushing it forward, the engines roaring to a deafening howl, the craft creaking slightly, Val pushing a few more buttons, then suddenly thrusted back into his seat, the G-forces pressing against him as the might vessel Assailant bursts out the hanger into the sky, moving to break gravity and enter space...Val's eyes focusing again on his quest, what he imagines to find...what is left for him to discover.

      Val sets the navcomputer to the coordinates of Endor, then lays back resting his hands off the controls as the autopilot kicks in. Relaxing soundly closing his eyes in deep thought, the world around him, sounds of his vessel racing through space slipping away as he once again is transported though is memory to his past...but this time not the lush green plants of Endor, no... This time it is not a memory pleasant or entertaining, this memory unfolding is the source of his pain...the halls of the Dark Jedi Academy once again around him, he peers into the darkness seeing figures wrapped in black, his lips curling into anger as he sees C'ire again, lurking in the shadows, with a very familiar item in his grasp, giving off a tiny flicker of light...a locket. Val's eyes narrowing...but they turn to fright, he knows this memory, he turns to run finding only a solid black void in front of him, not able to move beyond it, to the side, the same, his only way out  is to move forward...for once he's afraid he's afraid cause he knows what fate is forcing him to witness.

      As Val is forced to watch, he is not surprised to see another figure wrapped in chains, attached to a table in the corner of the room...the figure again unmistakable, looking along his body to see a burned hole embedded within the traditional Dark Jedi Attire, where C'ire...fought him, and lost in the rain, the pulsating thunder around him...where he defeated C'ire, but C'ire fired a blaster, point blank to his chest.if not for his mastery of Force abilities he's have died there...the captive man was once again himself.

      Looking on he tries desperately to run again, as a lone figure emerges into the center of the room...the figure sleek and slender, the yellow hue along her jet black trench coat unmistakable, but more so the vibrant purple hair spilling across her shoulders, the figure was Gen Zeridian, and she was not happy.

      Val's cries to make the events stop from happening going unheard, fate itself being cold and unrelenting as the scene plays further, Gen defying the council after being told to kill her love, the one she showed compassion to, Val...Then as if played 100s of times the most shocking and traumatizing turn of events in Val's life play through, Gen speaks arguing with the council, while the dark figure of C'ire steps behind her drawing a dagger. Val himself (not the chained one) crying out...


In unison with the chained Val, the words do no good...Gen turns too late as C'ire's dagger rips through muscle and cartilage, the sharp point slicing through the center of her chest, her eyes wide with shock crying out as her head arches back, looking down in disbelief at the metallic dagger emerged from within her chest, she knew however...knew who it was who had "back stabbed" her...before she could respond, C'ire knew
exactly what a Dark Jedi's powers were and that even with this wound as he jerked the blade high to severe more tissue, she could survive. Gen's screams going unanswered coupled with the chained Val and Val himself as the spectator.

      C'ire looked deep into Val's eyes filled with hatred, revenge, and a carnal joy only the most evil of individuals could ever attain, screaming to all around him and directly to Val, his motives all too clear in his words...

"If I can't have you...NO ONE WILL!"

The words echoing though Val's mind as he stands there helpless like himself long ago chained there helpless...C'ire having hated Val for so long wanted to make him suffer, he swiftly pulled the dagger out of Gen's back then lighting fast, swift and cold he slide the razor sharp edge across Gen's neck, right across every major vein within it, her skin parting, as the blood rushes out, Gen's own consciousness dying as her body follows sending that last thought to Val with her dying breath...

"Val it was Krevlin."

Val chained, burst into tears but oddly enough, he incinerated the chains holding him as he knew Gen was dead, the crimson blood spilling across her chest down to her leg...showing that he was too late...Gen had been murdered in front of him and he did nothing to stop it...until now, as he ripped his way free, C'ire tossed Gen's dead body aside, racing to the door. Val knew he could get away but closing his eyes something seemed to give him direction, channeling the hate, anger, rage, and pain into a single form of

C'ire stopped short, Val's eyes trained along his body, looking to his legs, seconds later Cire's boots burst into purple flames, 100 times hotter than the sun, his legs instantly gone. As C'ire fell to the stumps he had left, Val continued to gaze upon his body, to his torso, arms and so on...each gaze setting another part of C'ire bursting in flames, Val wanted him to suffer, to feel what hellfire was like till Cire's last dying breath. C'ire screamed in pain begging for death, as his
flesh was consumed at a steady pace...Val just stared harder, deeper the anger and rage consuming him, filling him as he took joy from C'ire's cries...everyone would suffer, everyone would feel his pain...

      Val looked to the council members, their faces frozen in shock, speaking  among themselves...but Val didn't care, no EVERYONE would suffer today, if fate stole his lover so be it, he would fight the future and destroy his past. He glanced to each member one by one, fueling his rage further; each person instantly surrounded in purple flames, incinerated some died instantly, others suffered as their ligaments were eroded away. Again Val had no mercy...his mercy; his compassion died with his lover lying on the floor dead in a pool of blood she should never had to have faced. He wanted everyone to BURN for their evil ways...there was no right or wrong anymore, just vengeance. As the council was "disbanded" around him he looked to the single survivor as the boy tried to escape him., whispering low as he picked up Gen's fallen body in his arms, cold and dark...

"Boy, tell your Emperor and your Empire...I quit."

His intentions to let the sole survivor live, to deliver the message, growling low telling him to leave this place and do not look back. As the sole survivor left he looked to the hall, the room everything within his line of sight, his hatred and rage setting everything blaze in flames, walls, pictures, imperial logos...banners statues, everything he could see...But one thing in particular he glanced to allowing it to slowly burn to dust...a lone sculpture of Emperor Palpatine...his eyes
locked with the figure s it to reach the great dark one's mind and send a message...Val's words low and never forgotten...

"Damn you...damn you to hell, ...never again...never will I serve you or your Empire...this I swear."

    Val snaps awake in his ship, back into reality again, the beeping of the navcomputer having woke him from his slumber,  feeling his face, again knowing the tears that lie there, soaking the wet trails and wiping them away. He looks down at  his computer...he's arrived, he is on Endor.

      As Val touches down on Endor's surface he quickly grabs his gear and dashes down the ramp of the Assailant, not caring, not wasting another minute, running through the thick forests, with a flick of a switch Gen's saber extends to life, the dazzling purple blade shimmering into a arch of light as he dashes with it, cutting down anything in his path, running like a cheetah, fast...swift, untamed. As he reaches a clearing he stops looking down to his feet...there on the floor scorch marks, carbon scoring along the rocks, the smell of burnt wood, and death in the air...the ashes and soot almost choking him as he ventures further through the lush greenery. Then he spots it, solid rock covered in shades of gray and black, streaked along the surface of it. On the floor a pattern of burned materials along the forest floor, one thing setting off the pattern a rectangular shape of gray streaks extending in all directions, this he knows it only one thing...the same thing from his vision...the entrance to the once mighty Dark Jedi reduced to decaying ruins.

      He looks for the secret control panel knowing it will most likely be damaged, to his surprise he finds it. The screen cracked from the intense heat of the fires long ago, he looks down to the wires seeing they are severed. He used his knowledge of electronics to understand the problem, evoking a slight charge of lightning to sauter the wires together. With a slight rush of power the scanner comes online, though the shattered screen shows 8 images all reflecting off the fractured glass. Val does not need to know what the screen says he only prays his DNA scan from long ago will still go through as he slides his finger across the eerie silence steadied Val's heartrate, but a quick sound of locks unlatching inadvertently make Val stumble back, startled as the door slides open. The over powering odor of charred wood, cloth, stone filling his lungs once again, but Val does not care...he ignores the odor, the choking ash entering his lungs as he evokes his Light power to destroy the contaminates.

      Walking down the now severely misaligned steps, he keeps his balance looking into the vast halls of the long dormant Dark Jedi Academy, seemingly re-awakened at his presence. He strides into the hallway looking to the damaged walls, seeing remains of cloth, bits and pieces of imperial propaganda about, even sees the stone head of Lord Vader's helmet laying on the floor, carelessly kicking it aside as he ventures further, the memories of the great hall now nothing but that...the past, the present cleaning the effects of the past, as everything within the structure slowly returns to the dust it was spawn from. As he turns a corner he sees the Council Hall, where just seconds ago in his mind he had just witnessed the room where his fate changed, where Gen died, he even notices the exact placement of everything, this  room though scorched and burned, still somewhat in tact. Perhaps it is fate's way to remind him.

      Val walks further into the room, coughing occasionally as the dust stirs around him, looking down to what appears to be perfectly preserved remains of one council member he had torched years ago...visibly yes just a skeleton, missing legs the bones eroded away at the knee joints, proving when this one was alive his legs were the first to burn...wait...Val thinks to himself, the first to go were his legs, could this be him? Could this figure before me be the last remains of C'ire, preserved for all these years by some unseen force?

      Val's mind raced with questions, one after another...looking over to see multiple burn marks on the floor, where the council once stood aligned in a row, bursting in flames one after the other, only piles of ashes remaining here now. Val again looked to the skeletal structure at his feet, dropping to one knee to look further, examining each and every detail, he noticed parts where the bone had restored itself, proving that this figure had suffered many fractures, Val recalling the countless times he made C'ire suffer for his jealously, always shattering some part of him hoping he'd understand the message and cease his attacks on him...there was no mistake now...this skeleton was C'ire's last remains...

      As Val looked to the remains he wondered just what to do, he has the last remaining link to his pain before him, he could simply crush it to dust and let it die with history...his mind racing with ideas, searching for a proper fate to place this figure in. Suddenly the room illuminates in dazzling purple light, Val's eyes closing to shield himself from them, again as the light fades...the lone figure he knows so well, the one called Gen Zeridian appears before him.

      Val looks to Gen again, rushing with emotions, but this time the figure of Gen does not it fades slowly moving to another room. Val looks to Gen, not wanting to be apart rushing after the figure, Gen's form moving faster and faster down hallways, Val running full speed, evoking force speed to aid him as he barely keeps up with Gen's form weaving in and out of room and halls around pillars till she stops at a door, a single door not scored, not even scratched by time.

      Val walks to the door, standing before it, Gen's saber in his hand, as he shut the power off right before he dashed to the figure. The figure of Gen points to a odd shaped indentation in the door, there is no scanner, no mechanics, just stone and a lone indentation, with jagged edges that of twisted Rebel Alliance emblem, the rounded corners of a RA logo, changed to sharp jagged curves...Val doesn't know how, he doesn't know exactly why but he knows what the key is to open it.

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