Chapter IV - Ashes of The Past - Rebirth

Destiny... Ashes of The Past...In This Rebirth

      Closing his eyes slowly, then reopening them, Val's thoughts collect, the image along the door engraved in his mind. His mental thoughts racing at the speed of his will to uncover his past, moving from object to object, his former lightsaber, blaster, keycards, the Academy keycards, training sabers...all drawing a blank.

      The figure of Gen looks to Val's eyes. Val looking deep within hers sees the purple hue of her vibrant purple eyes play a a memory from the past. Gazing deep, he sees the familiar figure of Gen herself, her stunning long black trench coat wrapping around the sides of her curvaceous form, the dazzling golden yellow stripe like the burning suns of Tatoonie, reflecting in a sea of greenery, again Endor. As Val's eyes catch the figure he sees two figures approaching Gen within the figure's eyes...the two clad in white tunics, and long dark robes, one has a dusty tan hue along his robe, while the other a form with blonde hair and the height of about 6'3 bares deep brown along his robe.

      Val' knows the identities of the two...Jedi Knights. As he looks at the memories still burning deep within the shadowy figures eyes further, he sees the so called Jedi Knights break their code, Gen herself standing there with her long flowing purple hair, streaming along her shoulders, not moving in any way to pose a threat...she clearly just absorbing the atmosphere of the forest. The first young Jedi ignites a deep blue lightsaber, the rays catching Gen's eyes as he draws a hand along her waist, pushing back the folds of her black coat. The second Jedi Knight ignites a forest green blade, the combination of blue and green casting various hues along Gen's coat, Gen looking to the two then parts her lips to speak...

"Hmmm company I see, tell me have I posed some sort of threat? I do believe you are breaking your code...I warn you now...cease at once."

      The two "Jedi" do not seem to care, hell bent on proving themselves as Sith slayers immediately engaging Gen, the first Jedi slashing horizontal along to Gen's chest, while the other moves behind her, his green saber humming softly, as his saber jabs to stab Gen from behind. Now Gen is a very athletic form, seductive and agile, her movements faster than the mind's eye as she rolls out of the way, her black coat singed by the first Jedi's blue blade, however you know they say never underestimate your opponent...because these two failed to do so, the first Jedi's green bladed stab, collides with the second Jedi's chest, the close range in turn sending his blue saber across the green wielder's midsection. As the two cry out, severely injured but relying on Jedi skills and the Force to heal themselves, lie there, but no all is not done...far from it.

      Gen stands against a tree, watching the spectacle, as she laughs softly to herself. She looks to the two "Jedi" with a very seductive grin on her face, her lips again parting to speak to them saying...

"Such fine Jedi you are...pathetic, and they say we are the bad ones, umm I think you've had your fun."

Her eyes lower cold and heartless as her hand swiftly unclips her sleek lightsaber, flicking the switch as the vibrant purple blade emerges from the shroud. Her eyes narrow to her "attackers". She steps closer, looking at the two holding their chests, then replies,

"You have tried to kill me, clearly breaking your code, you are no Jedi you are nothing but fresh meat...and guess what, it's my turn now."

As soon as her words finish her blade whips across the blue saber wielder's head, his instincts showing even in mistakes he has some skill moving back just in time, however Gen brings her blade into an arch catching his legs, clearly she could have cut them off but no she slices 2 inches into the young mans flesh, searing nerves and tendons, the blade passing through while the flesh cauterizes.

      Her gaze turned to the taller man, standing at his full height of 6'3. His skill showing a fighting spirit, the injuries along his midsection minor, Gen's eyes smiling as she loves a fight, the thrill of the kill upon one who strives to live. Gen sidesteps to the left, sensing through years of training the young one will attempt to slash vertically down across her, like clockwork the Jedi does just that, his arms turned into the swing, his blade hitting nothing but air then scorching the ground in a shower of sparks she looks to his next move, a quick slash in a whirl of green to her head, Gen drops to one knee, as the young Jedi's blade whips across her above her head, his body turned again to the left far into his swing.

      Gen knows he is hers now, his life is in her hands and she hungers for domination, to take his life and crush it. Her gaze slight, looking up with her alluring purple eyes, locking straight with the young Jedi's eyes...she has one advantage, she can look into the eyes of others and trance them to her will...some say a more powerful form of the Jedi mind trick, but her power unmatched, she can have anyone at any time, she tells him to stand straight and still. The Jedi shakes his head, his eyes slipping into a trance like state staring deep in Gen's. Gen looks to the other Jedi, seeing the young lad trying to stand after her paralyzing slash across his legs, then back to the other Jedi again. She moves one inch from his lips, whispering in his ear softly...

"Kill him for me, and I am yours..."

Of course you know she never intends to keep her word you see, but the carnal glee she gets from watching a noble lightsider kill his own in cold blood enthralls her.

      The young Jedi sparing no time, paces to the one on his knees. This Jedi looking up to the tranced one before him speaking slowly,

"What are you doing Alex? No stop!"

His cries of mercy cut short, Alex's blade pointing straight down plunges straight through the pleading Jedi's abdomen. Gen's lips explode into sadistic laughter, walking over to Alex, her eyes again trained on him as his blade lies along his side, his whole body paralyzed, not moving just standing. Gen's lips again moving to him, as she takes the end of her lightsaber, flicking off the switch, extinguishing the blade, moves the handle into the soft light of the forest the razor sharp triangular daggers she custom designed glinting in the sun.

      She moves closer then kisses his lips softly, the young Jedi's eyes widening, Gen smirks to Alex, then whispers to his ear again, closer still along his body, her lightsaber handle aligned with Alex's chest...

"Umm there you've had me, was it good for you?"

As her lips complete the question her hands thrust the lightsaber handle deep into Alex's chest, each razor sharp spike tearing through the young one's flesh, the cries of the young man known as Alex, silencing, Gen with coldness in her eyes rips the blades out, her saber flicking the switch as she moves her saber handle to her side lighting fast as the vibrant purple blade again extends fully. She brings the purple blade whipping across Alex's chest, slicing through bone, organs, skin, everything, Alex's torso, falling to the forest ground, ironically his legs, the thing that made him most unique standing straight up, apparently his will before he was struck down, wanting to stand his ground.

      Gen's smile sprawling across he lips shows pure unbridled glee, her finger tracing the blades along her saber hilt, rubbing the blood from Alex along her fingertips as she flicks the switch off, the blade collapsing back into the emitter shroud. Val's eyes trace the contours of the saber, the round curves extended further into terrifying points, dagger like, but the shape familiar...two twin daggers jutting out from the center like a...twisted Rebel Alliance Logo. His eyes snap away from the visions playing in the figure's eyes as he returns to his surroundings, back along the indentations in the door.

      He knew now...his hand instantly going to his belt, wrapping around the matching "key" to the door, Gen's menacing lightsaber. The figure as if completing its task, fades away into the darkness of the room. Val's attention no longer focused on it, transfixed on the door, his hands steady, looking to the indentations, then he aligns the head of her saber to the markings, pressing against it...

      Nothing, nothing happens...his eyes looking closer to see dust along the door, brushing it away with his fingers, spotting six tiny punctures within it, brushing further he ventures further with his finger tips, actually pressing the tips along inside them. His eyes widen a bit tracing the pattern, six circular holes, in a perfect circle, he could feel tiny slits etched within them. His mind knew, he finally in the vision Gen turned her saber backwards, opposite! His hands swiftly turning Gen's saber so that, yes six identical triangular blades faced the punctures, his hand pushing Gen's saber slowly  into the holes along the door, a slight click his heard...a rush of wind flows from the door, as it lifts into the air, vertical, halfway then locking into position, the bottom , revealing six identical triangles pointing down with holes through them, where the locks embedded in the floor secured the door for all this time.

      Val's heart pumps swiftly, his adrenaline rushing to him, at last his past becomes his was fate that led him here, for only he could open this sacred chamber, obviously forged by Gen herself. His lungs catching the dust rising up along the floor, stirring in the air. He does not care his Light powers will again destroy to contaminants. He walks in slowly his coat along his legs, a slight crunching along the floor, yes this room was special indeed, sculpted from solid rock...that's how, that is how it survived the fires of rage long ago, it was solid stone! Venturing further into the room he notices various hi?tech devices untouched from the fires around, amazingly enough the devices are running on auxiliary power...the battery half life a range of 100 years. His eyes absorb everything in the room, looking about seeing books, a whole library of books. His hands pick up a few, gazing at the titles. Yes indeed he knew these books well, combat, training, history books, chants, mechanical manuals...everything one needs to master the Force and  master the art of saber combat. His lips smirking knowing Gen's talent, even with her stunning skill years ago her weakness for him led him to sweep her feet, course he got his ass kicked, but to his surprise the day Gen "broke the ice" she pulled him up after placing her saber to his throat. Pulled him to his full 6'1 height, looking in his eyes...he recalls how out of the corner of his eye he saw C'ire storm off, but that was quickly forgotten, when Gen kissed him!

      Something deemed "weak"; love, affection, emotion and she violated her own rules! She broke them for him! His mined again returning to his surroundings, looking along the dimly lit room etched in solid rock. He notices a hint of yellow peeking out of a chest. Venturing over to the chest, he looks closer...yes it is a golden yellow stripe and the corner impossible he thinks, the corner of a jacket. His hand fumble to open the drawer, pulling it towards him.
Val nearly falls to his knees in shock, the jet?black coat with that signature yellow stripe in its entirety before him. Gen's official trench coat, here...before him.

      His faced lit in overwhelming joy, like a kid receiving that first item they have longed for their birthday. His hands moving down tracing the contours of the jacket, sliding further, under the fabric to something solid, then suddenly he feels a sharp object press into his finger tip, instinctively withdrawing his hand he lifts Gen's coat out of the drawer and sets it aside. Val's gaze looking into the drawer, light reflecting off of dagger like fasteners, it was Gen's custom made fasteners she forged along her shirt. Gen always loved the idea of having dangerous objects along her attire, meant to drive even more fear into her attackers, for would dare war such daggers along their neck and chest? To be off guard would impale yourself! Gen however was a master of her trade and dared to do so. Seeing Gen's shirt he still ventured further beyond it, as he suspected there under the shirt was her long tough gray pants, aligned with thermals sewn into them to stand the harsh weather of Endor in the winter as well as a fire retardant, Gen chose her attire well. Val's eyes looking along the various clothing he's placed on the floor...wondering what fate is telling him...

      It was a burning desire to come here that has revealed all of this to him, his past again becoming the present, refusing to die. His eyes closing...his mind filling with thoughts, yes perhaps since he has surrendered his wills finally to his destiny, destiny in turn is revealing to him everything he knew before he chose to forget...before the vow. Val gathers the clothing, the thought of what to do with Cire's remains lingering in his mind, surely he could not smash them, no the past is alive again and it is telling him he must keep it alive, help it avoid being forgotten. Val's eyes wander through the room further more, and then he walks to a desk, covered in dust. Though the door kept this room sealed and in tact, nature still had ways to age things, as it is known eventually everything returns to the dust from which it was spawned. Brushing the dust aside his fingers wrap around a metallic box. A computer of this was no computer it was a holo recorder. Looking down he picks up the metallic box in his hand, brushing away the dust, then his fingers trace over indentations engraved into the case. His slides along a curve, racing along it, the curve coming to a halt, jetting upwards, then a halt again jetting to the left and stopping. His other finger traces first from the left, then along straight stopping, tracing the groove moving in a vertical angle to the right stopping to the left, down in a horizontal angle  to the right down to the left then snaking back to the right again The figures clear as his head looks down to identify them...they were a "G" and a "Z". The letters meaning only one thing, this recorder belonged to Gen Zeridian herself.

      Val's eyes lighting up knowing maybe, just maybe there is some data inside the ancient memory cells of the computer. His eyes dimming feeling a DNA sensor along the case...however to his surprise the recorder makes a small beep, followed by a sudden click, the holo recorder was open! Val's heart racing with each passing moment leaping in anticipation. His hands steadily removing the protective shell as the lens of the holo projector glistens in the light of the room. Setting the lid aside he pressing his finger along a tiny purple button. The recorder hums to life, as sparkles of  light spin around suspended along the center of the glowing disc of the projector, the pin points of light forming into a  shape of a woman, yes a woman with the same features as his lover, Gen herself.

      Val's eyes are transfixed on the figure's form, Gen's eyes rising to look at what was at that time the holo recorder but in this time and place dead into Val's. Her words soft and free flowing begin to speak to him, "Hello my love, if you've found this...then you know more about me that I had time to tell you. Honey I didn't want to show weakens, petty fear...maybe paranoia but I know all is not well for me, I am truly sorry I have not told you myself my fears...but with
your strong and stubborn nature. I feel you might lose lost faith in me, I the strong one, the "Master" of this Academy."

Her eyes lower slow as she draws her breath to speak once more...

"Val my love, I know you are strong, and I know you are as clever as I am, the only man to resist my gaze and the only man to tame my dangerous nature. I knew you would find the key to opening this door to the past it is so that I programmed this console to read your DNA signature as well as my own. Right now you are wondering when I recorded this for you, actually you are currently outside training the masses of potential warriors for our dark lord. However my love, I question Emperor Palpatine's motives in asking me to join him in two days, but now honey you do not know it, but you do now that my intentions are to share with you a tender embrace none other have experienced. I hope that I pleased you, though little one, you are innocent and pure yourself as well, you know I am thrown into the waves of passion when I corrupt someone, but with you I don't intend to corrupt you I just intend to love you."

      Gen's figure moves from a slight sadness to the stance of a woman knowing her fate, knowing her destiny as she speaks once more...

"Val my loved one, I know. I will be betrayed by one I overlook, I am not sure of his face, I just know his intentions, this man also is the very same assassin that killed your adopted father John."

      "You know The dark side is strong with me, and those powerful enough can foresee the future, therefore I know mine...when I am betrayed honey know no matter what I love you and I do not blame you, I have foreseen you will be betrayed as well as I, I cry for you because I know when my time comes you will be devastated...but fate can only be
swayed, destiny cannot be avoided. I wanted you to know something love, I was given permission to promote a member of the Academy, and lover that one I have chosen is you."

      "You Val are worthy of the title few know of, because is only resides in the halls of the Emperor's personal training academies. This title is given to a student who has achieved master level, and deserves more, this title is you."

      "Honey if I do not live to give this knowledge to you, swear to me you will not let the past die and you will embrace this rank you have been given, not by the Empire, not by the dark side but by me alone. Your title is Dark Overseer, one who demands respect, one who commands and advises others, comes to their aid and masters his arts...this title lover describes only Valaryc Winters Versai, yes Honey I know of your true last name, I searched the records back deeper past John Winters your adopted father, I am going to tell you what I will say again, "You are not alone, there are others."

      "Love I do not know who has been slaughtering your family these years, I don't know his identity but I know we have crossed paths before, I have my suspicions, I suspect that Commander Krevlin, but I do not have enough evidence to enforce my claims."

      "Well Honey I am running out of time on this holo recorder, I pray it holds through the tests of time, so that one day you may find the answers you long for. I love you honey, and no matter what I believe even among those will always survive...believe in that Val, believe in yourself...I have and always will love you and be yours, till the end of time and beyond."

With that the holo of Gen blows a kiss to Val, then fades out flickering out of existence, but the words from her played over and over, needing no power source, they are in Val's mind, released from their slumber as he absorbs ever word, falling upon the name of his rank given to him from the past...

 Dark Overseer....

      Val gathers Gen's attire, walking out of the room, the door falling silent, perhaps providing closure to the past within it. His mind determined now, pondering everything fate has shown him. Moving swiftly through the halls of the Academy

      He comes upon the skeletal remains of C'ire once again. He knows what he is going to do now, he's going to put C'ire where he belongs, in his own hall, a symbol encased in protective carbonite to those who would harm him again, those who would betray him, harm his family...a symbol that says no and now it stops, the words burned in his mind, the phrase

"Those who would bring me pain, shall feel mine."

    Having said those words alone as they echo through the Dark Academy halls, he finds the stairs and walks upon them out of the mouth of the past, into the present. Crossing the imaginary line between them both, Gen's clothes in one arm, the other holding the skeletal remains of C'ire. Turning back he looks to the door closing with a loud sliding of metal colliding along a track, grinding shut from rust, soot and debris. Val turns away walking up the ramp to The Assailant...setting Cire's remains in a container locking it, then walking to the cockpit of his massive ship, laying Gen's clothes on the seat next to him

      With those words and Gen's alive in his mind, his fate chosen, he is no longer Valaryc Versai, though a Master of The Light, no longer desires to be known by that ID, he is now known by the name fate has given to him, that Gen gave to him. His destiny finally revealed as he embraces it....

He is known as......

Dark Overseer Val Versai....

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