Chapter II - Destiny Continues...

Destiny continues...

     As Val lies on the floor, his mind races with thoughts, all of the visions...memories he's faced in the last few passing hours, the image of Gen etched in his memory...her touch, actually able to touch an spirit, confusing him as logically such a thing is not tangible (because it was the force power doppelganger, think about that heh). Val's eyes lowered to the floor, slowly rising to his feet, the soft rustling of his black sleeveless trench coat smoothing along his body, as
he stands to his full 6'1 height, he makes his way out of the master bedroom, to the vast halls of his stronghold.

      As he looks about the dimly lit hall he notices the various walls decorated in RA emblems, his eyes closing slow, as each and every memory flows through his mind, the many friends he had there, times of when the RA meant something to him, now gone... masked by bitter resentment, all he had strived to stand for taken from him, perhaps unfair... but life too is unfair...The rims of his eyes caked with salt, from nights of crying, but the pain subsiding as he has embraced his fate...his destiny.

      Still though a lingering thought consumes him, if he is to return to his destiny, he must journey back to the past he's long denied.  Whiping his eyes clean, Val quicky strids to the fresher. As he activates the various mechanisms his mind again races with imagery...this time the scene unfolding as the water collides with his skin, a vast lush forest, with various plants and trees, he knows this place.he's journeyed here before, this is Endor. As the imagery intensifies he hears the distant sounds of small child playing in the forest, Val strides closer, venturing through the thick foliage, until he spots the child. His eyes widen examining the characteristics of the young one, the brown hair brushed back along the young one's  head, the soft tan brown tunic wrapped around him, but as the child turns around to see Val, Val's heart sinks low...a small gasp escaping his lips as the memory is all to clear...the himself.

      Val blinks his eyes, crying out trying to silence the coming future he knows is about to unfold, his heart jumps as he sees a figure clad in dark robes, shiny black knee high boots rushes past the boy, past himself, her dazzling blue eyes filled with sadness, her brown hair flowing in the soft breeze, moving along her shoulders as her stride is very fast paced, racing from some unseen danger, Val's eyes peering behind her, but the danger does not come from behind her but ahead of her, a broad shouldered man with a beard streaked in silver an gray steps from a massive structure, the curvature of the wings, the vast engines, scared with carbon scoring along the hull, he knows this ship...the ship is the Stargazer, Val's eyes flooding with tears, dropping to one knee as he looks on, the figure he knows is his father Russell Versai...the woman his Mother, Kathryn. Val's voice reaches deep, crying out, begging to the boy to pay attention, to cry, to do something to stop the fight the future emerging, but if played in his mind 100 times over he recalls every detail, looking away not wishing to experience a memory long buried deep within him. He knows, knows that Russell and Kathryn will abandon him, they will turn back without a word, he only catches a glance as Russell's hand wraps around Kathryn's arm, her eyes streaming with tears crying out,

"NO! Val NO! Russ Stop it stop this! I won't leave him!"

      Kathryn's cries filling the night air as the darkness settles around the ship. The engines roar to life, as Kate is pulled into the ship...her cries muffled by the deafening roar of fans turning within their turbines...the child looks so innocent, unaware of what's going on till it is too late, the young boy crying out

"Mommy! Daddy...don't leave me!"

Val's face erupts into tears, unable to bare anymore, his voice deepens and his throat tightens, he cries out screaming in the dark, cold air...


     The imagery is ripped to shreds as he regains his sense of direction, staring to the mechanical workings of the fresher...closing his eyes slowly again reopening them, his way of constantly clearing his thoughts from him. He steps outside of the fresher, walking to his attire.his usual brand of clothing, he dubs his Master of The Light attire...As his gaze looks along the tough, muti pocketed body glove suit, wandering to the gauntlets, looking along the carved "V" etched within them. His finger tracing them slowly, yes he knows the Versai crest he's developed, and he knows what he must do to ensure that they do not fall again, the Great Versai Massacre, inscribed into his mind, how Motti hunted down every member he could find and killed them without mercy...all for the love of one woman who spurned him, his own mother Kathryn. His thoughts again returning him to the world around him.

      His eyes still traveling along the bed, to his various pieces of armor, taking note of the severely damaged breastplate he suffered from the likes of the Trade Federation. His mind speaking to him his mental thoughts saying with a very enforced tone "Never again.". He looks along the rest of his usual attire to the knee high shiny black boots, tracing the curves with his fingers, again across another "V", two golden "V"s etched into the fabric itself, made of shiny metallic metal, highly reflective as it used to match his moods. His eyes focusing along the smooth leather, died deep black, like the void of space, to his long black signature sleeveless trench coat, his own unique touch to his attire...but no, after all this they would not due for his journey into the past. He looks around to the closet, knowing something that lies there buried deep like his inner torment, behind the boxes, the various things purposely placed to make it quite a task to uncover them. As he reaches back into the darkness of the closet he grips a small package, wrapped in tight leather.

      He retrieves the material carefully, knowing the contents within. Taking careful measure to remove the tough twine wrapped horizontal and vertical across the tight leather package. As the package bulges to it's full mass, expanding he removes the top layer, a black tunic revealed in the dim light of his fresher room. He takes the black tunic, sprawling it across the table, then looks deeper into the leather wrappings, as he draws a leg holster, custom sown, made of tough leather, with the metallic clips casting rays of light on the ceiling, his holster not designed to house a blaster, but a lightsaber. A small smile spreads across his lips as he pulls the black pants free from the bundle as well as the light plated belt, his mind replaying the events of the past, these items given to him by none other than Gen Zeridian herself, the attire made for one purpose, to teach those the powers of the Darkside, the attire required to be worn within the halls of the Dark Jedi Academy.

      An almost eerie peace flows through his body as he dons the clothing, first the tunic then the pants, looking down to his boots on the floor...picking one up after another slipping his foot inside them, feeling the soft material press against the balls of his feet as they form around him. He reaches down pulling his boots into position, then grabs the belt, wrapping it around him, brushing his hair aside from his face he looks to the last item, the leg holster. As he grips the holster his  mind again slips to unfold the forest around him, transported to a time lost in history, looking about him. He walks through the dense plant life again, his eyes falling upon a student using a staff, while another student wields what appears to be the familiar markings of a "training" saber, the imperial logo etched into the handle, with the same uniform style as the rest of the glittering metallic cylinders in the other students hand battle around him in spars of knowledge.

      Val ventures further, his eyes falling up one student in particular, silent standing alone, seemly inviting anyone to challenge him. A lone figure wrapped in the matching attire walks to stand before the inviting young man. As Val catches the facial features of the defender again his mouth drops in shock...the man again is himself, as the memories pour through his mind, he knows what is next to occur, but not afraid to see it, staring deep into it. The other figure makes his face cringe in anger, a lust for revenge engulfing him as the features of Cire T' Nugen reveal themselves in the sunlight, bathing the hard jungle floor. Val knows that Cire will live to deal him the worst pain imaginable, he will take Gen away from him...murder her and laugh in his face. Val's eyes narrowed but he stands his ground, the figure of Cire ignites his lightsaber slashing without mercy to the younger Val's chest, The young Val's movements lighting quick, to blink it to miss them as he whips around under Cire's blade, sweeping Cire full on across his legs. Cire falls hard on the floor, the feeling or pain racing though his body, but having envoked control pain he gets back to his feet. Val however watches Cire struggle, in a flash of light Val's training saber is ignited in a green hiss of energy, Val's movements again swift and agile as he sends his blade crashing under Cire's jerking hard to send it flying in the air.

      As Cire is caught off guard his blade hurls in the air. Val having envoked force speed brings his blade to steady, then drops to his knees sending the blade ripping across towards Cire's midsection. Cire having had his arms thrusted in the air struggles to control his saber, as Val's saber travels too fast to block, searing Cire's chest. Val looks to Cire and stares at his deep in his eyes, as Cire hunches over grasping his injured chest, "Don't do that have been
warned." As Cire looks up to Val he smirks then turns his blade to face opposite like a ninja's, grasping it tightly, rearing his arms back. Val knowing all too well not to trust Cire, as for some strange reason he has some ability to sense what another will do he brings his foot down with lighting fast agility to Cire's saber hand, his foot crushing the bones in Cire's hand as the pressure sends waves of agonizing pain racing through Cire's body, the young man crying out. Val looks down and steps harder, to the point he could crush Cire's knuckles as he holds Cire's saber along the ground at bay, Val looking down to Cire gives a sadistic smile as he increased the pressure upon Cires's hand, his words cold and focused...

"Beg me for mercy Cire, you started this...only you can end it."

Cire reluctantly whispers to Val...

"Fine...release won."

Val looks to Cire, smiling to him remarking,

"Good boy, now...cross me again and I will show you pain beyond your wildest imagination."

Val releases C'ire as he rises to his feet, again a villain through and though, suddenly C'ire takes his free hand to level it towards Val's back, Val however again a skilled master of fighting arts, catches Cire's hand, slamming his saber deep into Cire's shoulder, the safety along the saber kicks in forcing the blade to retract no as not to impale him but leave a very painful circle of pain...Val knows this, he leaves it on those who betray him. Cire is no different. Val releases Cire and casts him aside, the older Val now looking on, shudders a bit knowing this figure, this cold calculated figure was him in another time...would he allow himself to return to it? Time will tell....

      As Val again returns to his surroundings he shakes off the memory attaching the saber holster to his leg, closing the clasps. He knows now why the past haunts him and where to find the answers he so desperately longs to discover...His journey set, he must return to where this began...Endor

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