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Casablanca Publishing



An Exerpt from the novel

This trade paperback edition, 8.5" x 5",
contains 256 pages and is a must read for SF fans.
Regularly $19.95
Special introductory offer! For a Limited time!
only $9.95

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Tetroid - One look can kill you!

The research staff at the Super-Conducting Super Collider, the most powerful particle accelerator ever built, vanish.

Willy Burden, occasional inebriate and woman chaser, once short-listed for the Director's post at the SSC, is coerced into assisting the FBI. The labyrinthine path to solving the seductive puzzle of the Tetroid leads Willy to Dallas, San Francisco, the recent past, the far future, to the White House and into near-Earth orbit. As time runs out for humanity, the Tetroid wreaks havoc. Cities are destroyed and millions disappear.

When thrill-seekers publish the Tetroid secret on the internet, the world plunges into chaos. The terrible realization that the Tetroid has been known to man for centuries comes too late to prevent its widespread use. Is it an ancient curse or a Galactic initiation test?

Now available at:
Mosaic Books, Barnard Ave., Kelowna
Bookland, 30th Avenue, Vernon
BJ's Books & Things, 1800 Kalamalka Rd., Vernon
Sound Ideas, 30th Ave., Vernon
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