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  Prof. Rao's Page: Help

What is the matter? Cannot see the pages clearly? Does everything look imperfect??

Here are a few simple solutions to your most probable problems.

Minimum requirements
Monitor settings: 800x600
Colours: 16 bit
Browser: IE4 or higher or Netscape Navigator

Monitor settings: 800x600
Colours: True colors
Browser: IE5 or Netscape Communicator

Note: If you cannot see certain pages or the content on the screen appears jumbled up, then your browser is probably not able to read DHTML, please download the latest copy of Inernet Explorer or Netscape from their respective websites, or click on the links on the left bottom.

If you have any other trouble viewing this site, or comments for improvements, just contact the web master at ganeshnrao@yahoo.com

You can download the required browsers click on the images

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