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conferences organised
  Prof. Rao's Page: Conferences organised
Conferences Organised
  • FORENSIC MEDICON 2000, World Congress on Forensic Medicine and XXIst Annual National Conference of IAFM, K MC, Manipal, Dtd. 6-8 February 2000
  • Second National Meeting on 'Law. Medicine and Health' with ISHA, Bangalore, at New Delhi, Dtd. 14-16, November 1996
  • FORENSICON 1996, Vth Annual Conference of Karnataka Medico-legal Society, KMC, Manipal Dtd. 5-6 January 1996
  • IIIrd Annual Conference of Karnataka Medicolegal Society: at KMC, Manipal, Dtd. 22-23 January 1994
Inaugral Ceremony of "Forensic Medicon 2000"
[L-R] Prof. Rao, Dr. Ramdas Pai - President MAHE, Her Excellency - Mrs. Ramadevi Governor of Karnataka, Prof. BM Hegde - Vice Chancellor MAHE, Prof. PLN Rao - Dean KMC Manipal
Inaugral ceremony of FORENSICON 1996
[L-R] Col. Dr. R Basu - Medical Suprintendent KH, Dr. KM Saralaya - Secretary KAMLS, Mr. Jetmalani - Legal Luminary, New Delhi, Prof. PLN Rao - Dean KMC, Prof. Rao - President KAMLS
The office bearers of KAMLSCON 96
Inaugral ceremony of the IIIrd Annual Conference of Karnataka Medicolegal Society
[L-R] Brig. Dr. Chakladhar Medical Suprintendent KH Manipal, Prof. ML Pai - HOD Forensic Medicine KMC Mangalore, Prof. Kushi Haridas Bhat - Chief Guest & Prof. Rao - Vice President KAMLS
Other Academic Events Organised
  • CME on Forensic Medicine, Medical Profession and Medical Education Anticipations for the New Millennium, on behalf of IAFM at Hotel Valley View, Manipal Dtd. 6 February 2000
  • Post Graduate Orientation Programme in Forensic Medicine, at Dr. TMA Pai research Centre Conference Hall, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Dtd. 5 February 2000
  • CME of Karnataka Medicolegal Society: Towards Better Teaching, at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Dtd. 6 January 1996
  • Symposium on: Legal Aspect of Health Care, Karnataka Medicolegal Society at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Dtd. 5 January 1996
  • CME on: Clinical Forensic Medicine on behalf of Karnataka Medicolegal Society: at BLDEA Medical College, Bijapur, Dtd. 24 September 1995
  • Panel Discussion on 'Problems Encountered by Doctors in Routine Medicolegal Practice', on behalf of Karnataka Medicolegal society, at KMC, Manipal, Dtd. 23 January 1994
  • Debate on: 'Consumer Protection Act and Doctor', on behalf of Karnataka Medicolegal Society, at KMC, Manipal Dtd. 22 January 1994.
  • CME on 'Transplantation of Human Organ Act, 1994', on behalf of Karnataka Medicolegal Society, at IMA House, Bangalore, Dtd. 4 June 1995.
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