So you have a GTS site and you wanna join my little webring huh? If you have a site, please join, the few GTS sites out there really need to band together!

1. MUST have GTS related content.
2. Can't have any X-rated material.
3. Can't be a rip off of someone else's site (well it does happen...)
4. No plagarized material on it
5. If you join you MUST display the webring's banner on the index, main GTS related page, or link page of your site (can't try to hide it on some obscure little page...)

If you violate any of these rules, I won't add your site/I'll remove your site from the webring.

To join my webring, you first need to go here and fill out all the neccessary info. You'll need to be a Webring member to join, and if you aren't one already, it's quick and easy (and FREE) to join. It will be submitted to me for approval, and I'll check to see that it follows the rules and stuff.

After you apply, and I approve your site, your site will be added to the Ring Hub and I'll send you an email telling you that you're in. After you join, DON'T GET THE NAVIGATION BAR. It's the basic one that Yahoo gives you and it's very very boring. The code for the banner I made is here.

After you get the webring's code, just copy/paste it into wherever you want it on your site, and you're done! Here's what the webring banner will look like (I've used my site as an example)

This HEAT Headquarters Webring Site
is owned by

Want to join the Ring?
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If you've already cleared your site with me, click on the link and modify the code to fit the info I gave you.

Webring Link Code