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The Frog Prince and the Princess Brat

(c) 2000 Jeannette R. Jaquish

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Free Scene 1: The Frog in the Pond
Excerpts from the rest of The Frog Prince and the Princess Brat, short version.
Casts & Synopsis of short, medium and long versions.
Songs from The Frog Prince & The Princess Brat
Longer version: Tutor scene of Frog Prince, longer musical version.
Longer version: Princesses Divea and Petula scene in Frog Prince
Longer version: Kidnapping scene including Velgian & Bordeen Diplomats, Divea & Petula, Lob, Stump and Thunk
Free Frog Prince Poster art
Frog Prince Poster with Lettering -- You add show times
Stage Set Drawings: Pond, Furniture, Cupcake's Trap
Simpler: Frog Prince & Princess Brats, Jr.!

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The Frog Prince and the Princess Brat, by Jeannette Jaquish, is a funny, witty adventure about honesty, determination, silliness, and the joy of life. Every actor has good lines and every line progresses the plot which is full of very funny little tweaks. It is a sophisticated script appropriate for amateur or professional theaters.

This script has been written in modular form so a director can adjust its length by skipping some scenes.

The basic story is the one you are familiar with (with a jealous pet thrown in): Princess Conceita promises three days of friendship to a frog who retrieves her ball, then tries to renege on her promise. Eventually she grows to love the frog who turns into a prince when she kisses him. In longer versions, Princess Conceita and the Frog give her tutor a hard time and shock visiting princesses. There is a rebellion in the land with deception on both sides. The princess and her friends are kidnapped and guess who rescues them?

The short version needs 5 or 6 actors. Longer versions need 8 more, though some can play multiple parts.

The kids LOVED the scripts!! The only change we see we may need is that the Frog will be played by an actor in costume except scenes where the puppet is removed from the puppeteer and held by the actors..."
-------Diana Oswald, Event Coordinator

In this Frog Prince script, a bratty princess makes a false promise to an obnoxious frog, befuddling her jealous royal dog, infuriating the imperious Queen and vexing the sarcastic butler and two snotty visiting princesses, finally charming a grinning boy prince. This script is fast moving, creative, surprising and funny, funny, funny! AND it is in rhyme for easier memorization and lots of charm!
The longest version has a Villain, some bumbling but good natured Kidnappers, a Revolution sub-plot, and an exciting ending.
Four Lengths & Casts:
20 min.: Basic story: Princess, Frog, Dog, Queen, Butler
35 min.: add visit by 2 Foreign Princesses
50 min.: add lesson with the Tutor
75 min.: Exciting Kidnapping and Revolution subplot with 2 Additional Kidnappers, and 2 Diplomats

MUSIC CD A music CD has all songs in the script:
--Sparkle Sparkle
--Open the Bottle and Flush All the Pills
--Baby Princess
--When Cupcake Comes Crawling Home
--Growing Pains
--plus the Hilarious Intermission Song
Cost: $23, copies $3, postage in the U.S. included; $3 extra for outside the U.S.