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Season 1
CaretakerVoyager's first mission takes it a wee bit farther out than expected.
ParallaxJaneway promotes B'Elanna for punching Carey in the face. Guest fiver by Admiral Sab!
Time and AgainJaneway and Paris blow up a planet, except they don't.
Season 2
ProjectionsDoc kills Tom and nobody cares.
Persistence of VisionAn alien has fun with everybody's brains and enrages the P/Ters of the world for years to come. Guest fiver by Jade!
New!Cold FireJaneway gets medieval on Susperia, who deserves it for that silly name. Guest fiver by Jade!
MeldA psycho blows Tuvok's mind.
InvestigationsVoyager finally gets rid of Tom, but it doesn't take. Neelix gives a traitor his just desserts.
TuvixTuvok and Neelix prove that two heads are not better than one.
ResolutionsJaneway and Chakotay get down to some monkey business.
Season 3
Sacred GroundJaneway takes on religion. Religion wins.
Blood FeverP/T* versus V/T. Gee, who's gonna win?
DisplacedVoyager gets invaded by the Body Switchers in furtherance of P/T. Guest fiver by Admiral Sab!
ScorpionThe Borg learn that futility ain't what it used to be.
Season 4
The GiftKes gains the power to warp reality. Seven of Nine demonstrates her power to warp demographics. Guest fiver by J. D. Curran!
Day of HonorB'Elanna and Paris trace their relationship problems to their core.
Waking MomentsSeven shows Harry her true feelings. Janeway blows up.
HuntersHarry hones his whining skills as Voyager goes postal. Guest fiver by Hejira!
PreyThe Hirogen bite off more than Voyager can chew.
UnforgettableChakotay learns to forgive and forget.
Hope and FearVoyager gets a jumpstart, courtesy of one bitter, bitter man.
Season 5
New!DroneSeven buys a make-your-own-drone kit. The Borg demand a refund. Guest fiver by Nan the Mysterious Romulan!
TimelessHarry kills everybody, but it's okay because he fixes it later.
CounterpointJaneway gets the five-year itch.
Dark FrontierSeven defies the monarchy. Voyager re-coils.
The DiseaseJaneway gets a limited-edition glow-in-the-dark Harry Kim. Guest fiver by Starbase Creative's CaptAnna!
Someone to Watch Over MeDoc and Seven do the Pygmalion thing. Guest fiver by Hejira!
Season 6
Barge of the DeadB'Elanna discovers the real meaning of Hell: Doc singing Berlioz.
PathfinderReg Barclay saves the day. The Admiral Paris Anti-Defamation League scores its first victory. Guest fiver by Gorizo!
TsunkatseThe Rock beats up Seven. Seven beats up Martok. Voyager beats up Weyoun. Don't that beat all? Guest fiver by Benne Holwerda!
Ashes to AshesHarry has a brush with death. Guest fiver by Jennifer Zawilski!
MuseB'Elanna Torres turns out to be Kate Winslet's secret identity.
FuryKes vs. Everybody: the grudge match. Guest fiver by J. D. Curran!
Unimatrix ZeroSeven blows up her boyfriend's hangout. Janeway, Tuvok, and Torres get a makeover.
Season 7
ImperfectionSeven's battery runs out.
DriveB'Elanna gets mad at Tom, so she marries him. Neelix goes Sportline.
RepressionTuvok blows Chakotay's last shot at the big time.
Critical CareDoc tries to bring down the Hospital of Death. Janeway gets a new boyfriend.
Inside ManThe Ferengi decide they won't settle for just one Voyager episode. Troi shows off.
Body and SoulDoc walks a mile in Seven's catsuit.
NightingaleThe Kraylor learn why Harry is not a captain. Icheb does the Vorik thing.
Flesh and BloodRebels, tough guys, and a turncoat Doc.
ShatteredChakotay does the time warp again.
New!LineageTom and B'Elanna get the baby blues.
ProphecyKlingons, Klingons everywhere, nor any drop to drink. Guest fiver by Tassia and Ryven!
New!WorkforceThe crew decide Earth isn't so hot after all. Doc sees red.

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