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The Black Hood of the 70's and 80's

First Appearance: Archie's Super Hero Comics Digest Magazine #2 (1979, Archie Comics)

Alter-Ego: Kip Burland

Story: After helping to expose one of the biggest cases in the city, Detective Kip Burland was about to find himself in deep trouble from people who didn't appreciate his work. Kip went to Texas to visit his uncle Matt Burland to seek his advice.

While there, Matt Burland revealed to his nephew a family secret... the Black Hood. First worn in the 1700's in Europe and around the world since then until Matt Burland wore the mask in 1937 to help clean up crime in Texas. Around the same time in New York, Kip Burland's cousin (also named Kip) was known as the Black Hood. Matt passed on the hood to young Kip Burland as a gift so that he may use it to take care of crime.

Kip went to a man named Damien, an armorer and electronics expert to help equip him for the long task ahead.

Kip would also in time replace his older cousin as the Black Hood as a part of the Mighty Crusaders.

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