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The Original BLACK HOOD

First Appearance: Top-Notch Comics #9(1940, MLJ Magazines)

Alter-Ego: Kip Burland

Story: Officer Burland, while on patrol, comes across a robbery at a mansion. The robber, named the Skull, knocks out Burland and plants some of the jewlery on the unconcious policeman. Burland is found and arrested for the crime. After being released on bail, Burland goes to find the green-faced Skull. The Skull's henchmen pick up Burland and leave him for dead in the woods.

An old hermit finds Burland and after healing the disgraced policeman, helps train Burland so that he may be better equipped to find the villian. They also create a costume for Burland so he may fight crime secretly as the Black Hood. In time the Black Hood brings the Skull to justice and clears Burlands name of the crime.

The Black Hood continued to fight crime over the years and even served as a member of the Mighty Crusaders.