Season I, Episode VI:


Writer: Adam Beechen

Director: Steven E. Gordon

Original Air Date: January 27, 2001

Introducing: Forge

Synopsis/Review: This episode starts at Bayville High, in the little lunch area outside. The teenage X-Men are all gathered around a table, talking about Duncan Matthew's party that night. (Meanwhile, Spyke is grabbing and drinking everyone's milk. Heheh, I found this really funny. Since the guy grows new bones so quickly, he's gotta need all that extra calcium.) Scott is completely opposed to the party. On top of the fact that Duncan's an idiot, he's worried about anyone discovering that they're Mutants. Kurt's holowatch, for example, only projects his human image- it won't stop others from feeling his fur if they touch him. Kurt just tells Scott to lighten up, and Scott comes back with telling Kurt to quit goofing around all the time- right before Kurt jumps on top of the table and does an annoyingly stupid little dance. During which his tail falls out of his pants. So Scott ends up yanking down Kurt by his tail before anyone sees his freakiness, and reprimands the blue elf. They both get in each other's faces, and Kurt eventually ends up teleporting away in a humph. (Of course, no one SEES him do it...)
    Rogue, meanwhile, is reading a book on the side lawn of the school (Dracula, in case you're wondering.) when she hears Kurt teleport into the school's basement a couple yards away. For some reason, though, she doesn't know that it's Kurt right off the bat (although you think the teleporting sound would be a dead giveaway), and goes down the steps into the basement to investigate.
    Meanwhile, it's revealed that Kurt's teleporting right in the middle of a bunch of dusty boxes in the basement made his holowatch malfunction and short out. Delicate little thing, ain't it? Anyway, when he hears someone coming down the stairs (again, Rogue's voice yelling, "Who's there?" should be a dead GIVEAWAY, but somehow, he doesn't figure out that it's her). He quickly teleports into a nearby room in panic- a room which has a "DO NOT ENTER" sign on the door. Hmmm... The room has a bunch of funky mechanical stuff in it, and, while checking it all out, Kurt accidentally trips a little motion sensor thingie. A guy's face comes on the screen, and starts to say something about an entry into the computer in 1978. He says, very cheerfully, I might add, that the lab will self-destruct in 10 seconds. Have a nice day!
    Kurt tries to shut the darn thing down before it explodes, but he fails, and it blows him out of the room and right past Rogue, into another bunch of boxes. (Oddly, he's not really hurt- that would have severely injured, if not killed, most people.) Rogue asks Kurt what's going on, and Kurt points her in the direction of the lab that just blew. Rogue goes in, and most of it is all shorted out- except for a little device sitting on a counter, which looks just dandy. Kurt follows her in and tries to take it from her- after all, Rogue is still the enemy, and he doesn't want her to have it. They both struggle over it, and Rogue accidentally pushes a button on the thing- making it zap Nightcrawler into nothingness! Rogue is, of course, freaked out, and tries to throw the thing in a garbage dumpster- while holding it as far away from her as possible with a stick. Since the thing is difficult to manuever when it's on the end of stick, she accidentally bangs the gizmo on the side of the trash dumpster, and it falls on the floor. Rogue cowers, but nothing happens. Gosh, Rogue, it's not going to bite you! Just don't press any of the buttons! Toad comes up (right after being blown off by Principal Darkholme for getting near her new car) and asks what the heck that thing is. Rogue tells him that it's really none of his business, but Toad takes it upon himself to investigate it anyway. Rogue reluctantly gives up and tells him that she accidentally zapped one of the X-Men away- which, of course, she pretends to not really care about, even though it's a bit obvious she does. Foolishly, she walks away, leaving Toad with the gizmo. He presses one of its button, and ZAP! goes the garbage dumpster. Ooooo....
    Nightcrawler, meanwhile, finds himself in a very odd place. He's in the school hallways, but the kids around him continually phase in and out of existence. And even when they're phased in, they're still transparent. They apparently can't see Kurt, and Kurt can't interact with them. Weird...
    In another hallway, Scott and Jean are walking around, talking about the confrontation during lunch. Scott admits he may have been a little harsh on Kurt, but then two kids come running out of the nearest bathroom, screaming something about a blue demon-ghost. Scott, of course, knows that it's Nightcrawler, and goes into tell Kurt to quit messing around- only the blue guy's not in there. Perplexed, Scott tells Jean to contact Kurt via her telepathy and tell him to knock it off. Jean tries to- only she can't find Kurt anywhere...
    Blob and Avalanche come waltzing down the hall towards them, and Scott says that he bet they did something to Kurt. Slamming Avalanche against the wall, Scott tries to force Avalanche to give him info- of course, Lance doesn't know what he's talking about. Blob roughly picks Scott up by the shirt and tells him to back off, until Jean threatens him to put Scott down, and Lance threatens Jean, and...well, you get the picture. They're about to fight (and foolishly expose their powers in front of a bunch of fellow classmates) when Darkholme comes along and tells Jean and Scott to come to her office, NOW. As soon as she enters her office with Jean and Scott, though, she finds all the furniture in her office gone! She runs out, screaming at the other schoolboard members in the lobby over who took her furniture. It turns out Toad was in there just a moment earlier, having fun with the gizmo he found and taking out his frustration with Darkholme on her furniture.
    Back in Nightcrawler's "zone", he leaps and then teleports out of the way as a bunch of furniture and then a car suddenly appear above him, nearly falling on him as they smash into the ground. Jean and Scott, still in Miss Darkholme's vacant office, see Nightcrawler's silohette as he teleports from one place in the "Middleverse" into another. Scott is perplexed- was it a ghost? Jean confirms that it wasn't, as she got a brief mental reading, like he was trapped somewhere. They look out the window, and find Toad hopping around, the gizmo in his hand- after having just used it on Miss Darkholme's car. (He's hopping around the schoolyard in his full costume and no one notices. Riiight.)
    Nightcrawler, meanwhile, has teleported into the school gym. There, he finds someone else who can see him, and who is apparently trapped here too- Forge, another teenage Mutant who can turn his arms into nifty electronic gizmos. OOooo. Anyway, Forge (who oddly doesn't give out his real name) explains to Kurt that he made the dimensional gizmo as a Science Fair project back in 1978. (Apparently, Forge is insanely smart. Makes you wonder why he was still in a public high school.) It malfunctioned and moved him into the "Middleverse". The school completely freaked out and locked up his invention in the basement. Although he'd been stuck in the Middleverse for over 20 years, he still looked the same, oddly- apparently people didn't age in this pocket dimension, or something. Still even more odd was the fact that Forge had essentially spent more than half his life by his lonesome and was still, with the exception of his great intelligence, a normal guy. You'd think he'd be a bit weird, or maybe even insane, but nope... Anyway, Forge obviously wants to get back, and he thinks that Nightcrawler may be the key. He starts to construct a device that, when worn on Nightcrawler, will allow him to teleport back to the real world. But only for a couple of seconds- the batteries that power it won't be able to last that long.
    Back in the real world, Scott and Jean have assembled the other X-Men, and, after donning their superhero suits, chase after Toad. In broad daylight. Near the school. And no one notices. Uh-huh... Anyway, after half-heartedly Toad fires the gizmo at the X-Men a few times and missing, the X-Men eventually corner him in a tree, and forceably take the gizmo back. They ask what Toad did to Nightcrawler, and Toad responds that he didn't do anything- Rogue, coming up to the bunch of Mutants, confirms it- she used the gizmo on Nightcrawler, not Toad. Rogue threatens that if they ever want to see the 'Crawler again, they'd better let Toad go- which they do, and follow Rogue back to the basement, where she explains what happened. Shadowcat and Spyke look the gizmo over, and, after "examining" it, tell the other X-Men that the device is putting out steady, faint pulse wave that just dissapears into thin air. And they conclude that it must have trapped Nightcrawler in another dimension. This is the most unbelievable part of the entire episode- so Shadowcat, and, more important, SPYKE, the guy who has a hard time even getting good grades in school, figure out a device has trapped Nightcrawler in another dimension by THEMSELVES!? Without even having seen or known about a gizmo that could do such a thing before!? And, even more oddly, Scott and the others just sort of shrug it off like an everyday thing. "Huh, what? Teleported to another dimension? Yeah, that happened to my uncle a few years ago..." Riight. So, Scott prepares to trash the thing so they can get Nightcrawler back.
    Meanwhile, Kurt is there in the basement, watching the others, as Forge finishes attaching the suit to him. Forge tells Kurt that if the others destroy the gizmo, they'll be trapped here forever! They need to reset the thing instead. So, Kurt quickly manages to teleport to the real world, and, in the few seconds he's there, manages to spurt out "Reset...don't!" before being forced to teleport back again. Although they initially think Kurt MEANT that he wanted them to blow it up, the X-Men eventually figure out that, because of Kurt's placement of the words in his warning, that he WANTS the X-Men to reset the gizmo instead of destroying it. So they do, and it creates a pink portal through which Kurt and Forge can be seen. Kurt gets ready to teleport them both through, but Forge stops him- the batteries on the suit are tapped out, and they need some more power before they can teleport home. (Even though Kurt needed no power source to teleport to the alternate dimension in the first place...) Kurt says he knows where another power source is, and teleports them both to the trashed car that "fell from the sky" earlier. Forge begins to get the car up and running again via his mechano-hand...
    Meanwhile, back in the basement, Toad, Avalanche, and Blob enter. They obviously want the gizmo that Toad told them all about, and, of course, the X-Men refuse to hand it over. (Why isn't Quicksilver there, anyway? Oh, I get it... it's because he'd be able to snatch the gizmo up before any of them could react, and the X-Men would lose... Uh-HUH...) Rogue, not wanting to fight, leaves, and soon afterwards follows a fight scene in which the Brotherhood tries to fight the X-Men using the least effective tactics possible. So, of course, the X-Men win. Wheee. The Brotherhood are about the try "some serious smashing" this time when Nightcrawler and Forge suddenly teleport through the shrinking portal, the car on full throttle. Blob manages to stop it in its tracks via his massive bulk, but not before the car runs over the dimensional gizmo, destroying it. The Brotherhood, seeing their prize ruined, reluctantly leave. The X-Men also follow suit, with Forge tagging along behind them all. Rogue watches them all leave the basement from behind a nearby tree, obviously having second thoughts about her allegiances...
    Back in the school parking lot (it's now nighttime, by the way), Scott and his friends prepare to leave. They offer to let Forge join them, but Forge declines- his house is just a few blocks down, he'll talk to them later. Although I have know idea how Forge even knows his parents still live there, or if they're even alive, since the Middleverse only extended through part of the school... Anyway, Scott and Kurt apologize to each other, each promising to lighten up and be serious when necessary, respectively. And Scott finally gives in and lets all the X-Men go to Duncan Matthews' party (which I still think is a bad idea), right after they get Kurt's holowatch fixed. Awww, such a happy ending... *sniff*

Last Words: Besides the obvious corniness of the overall plot line- a regular guy builds a dimensional machine, yet it doesn't make national headlines and become a historic event, and then traps himself in it- this episode had a lot of corny and disgustingly "cool" slang lines in it. Not to mention several plot holes, many of which are mentioned above. Overall, this is one of the few X-Men: Evolution episodes that I like to pretend never happened. It's really not good at all. Unless you really like Forge or something, it's not really worth watching a second time.

Overall Rating: 4/10 Below Average

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