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"Don't cats ever get tired of being stupid?"

-Rattrap to Cheetor, AND Tarantulas to Tigatron, in The Probe

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9/16/22- Egads, in a couple of days I'll be 39... just a little more than a year and I'll officially be able to receive old jokes. Anyways:
- The Transformers: Generations Toy Review section gets an update, with reviews for Power of the Primes Cutthroat, Inferno, and "Evolution" Optimus Primal/Optimal Optimus, as well as the Walgreens Exclusive "Titans Return" Clones 2-pack, featuring Cloudraker & Wingspan!

8/16/22- Hello once again! Just FYI, with me not paying as close attention to all the TF releases anymore and thus not updating the toy/show news, there's really no need for a separate news page at this point; next update, I'll be moving the "Recent Updates" section to the front page and deleting the news page. In any case, here's what's new:
- The Robots in Disguise (2015) Toy Review section has been updated yet again, with reviews for Thermidor, 3-step changer Soundwave, and the Combiner Set Galvatronus, made of of Cyclonus, Cyberwarp, Skyjack, Treadshock, & Riotgear!

7/19/22- In this update, watch as I try yet again to update in substantially less than a month and fail spectacularly! Ugh. Busy, busy, busy... Anyways, new stuff:
- The Robots in Disguise (2015) Toy Review section has been updated again, with reviews up for warrior Blurr, legion Cyclonus, the 1-step changer version of Heatseeker, the "Crash Combiner" Shocknado, and Activator Combiner Soundwave w/ Laserbeak!

6/13/22- Kinda interesting how I don't intend to update once a month-- I try to get it done more often-- but it just so happens to be almost exactly a month between updates, lately. Hopefully things will stop being so busy soon. In the meantime:
- The Robots in Disguise (2015) Toy Review section has gotten an update, with reviews up for Skywarp, the Legion class version of Heatseeker, and the Combiner Set Ultra Bee, made up of Bumblebee, Grimlock, Strongarm, & Sideswipe!

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Model Commentary- Toy reviews of nearly all the Beast Wars-and-up Transformers toys there are.

Briefing Room- Descriptions of the Transformers found only in my fanfiction.

Storage Closet- Reviews of other TF-related merchandise and media, from video games to movies to board games.

Cerebro Historic Records- Reviews for the X-Men: Evolution television episodes and comic books.

Cerebro Profiles- Bios for the many characters in the X-Men: Evolution universe.

Remembering Evolution- An essay on why I think X-Men: Evolution is the best television series ever.

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