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Did you have a nice flight? Great! I'm Beastbot, and welcome to my fortress! I've got tons of stuff here- Transformers Toy Reviews, Transformers AND X-Men: Evolution fanfiction, X-Men: Evolution Episode Reviews and Bios, and lots more! If you ever get bored, you can leave via the Warp Gate, but why would you ever want to do that?

"From now on, you'll do NONE of the flying. I'll do ALL of the flying."

-Windblade, to Bumblebee, in "Allspark"

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(Last upgraded Wednesday, February 14th, 2024.)

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2/14/24- Sorry for it being over a month since the last update-- it's been... well, a pretty bad month for me. Lots of health issues and doctor visits-- this website just honestly wasn't on my radar much of the last month. Hopefully, it'll be over soon.
On a more positive note, I'm (starting to) sell my collection. (Don't worry, it won't affect this site-- I'm not selling any toy I have yet to review.) Given my collection is over 5K TFs, it's going to take a while-- years, to be certain. My first "batch" contains mostly Dark of the Moon and Cybertron toys, and if you want to check it out, read the "rules" and check out my post here. You have to be a member of the TFW2005 forums, but if you're not, in a few more weeks it'll all be going up on eBay. (My seller name there is beastbot_x . I don't have anything up yet.)
Anyways, regarding this site:
- The Transformers: The Last Knight Toy Review section has gotten another update, with reviews now up for voyager Megatron, 1-step charger Berserker, Knight Armor Turbo Changer Hound, Tiny Turbo Changer Knight Strike Bumblebee, and the Toys "R" Us Exclusive 2-pack of Cybertron Optimus Prime and.. well... "regular" Optimus Prime!

1/12/24- Happy New Year! This year in the Spring this website will actually surpass being a quarter of a century old... Wow. On another older TF VA dying, R.I.P. Pauline Newstone, voice of BW Airazor.
- The Transformers: The Last Knight Toy Review section has gotten an update, with reviews up for deluxe Steelbane, Knight Armor Turbo Changer Megatron, Titan Changer Bumblebee, Tiny Turbo Changer Lockdown, and the Toys "R" Us Exclusive 2-pack of legion Optimus Prime & Grimlock!

12/19/23- Happy Hanukkah and (early) Merry Christmas, to those of you who celebrate it! Here's what's new this time:
- The Transformers: Cyberverse Toy Review section has gotten a second update, with reviews up for (2018) warrior Starscream, scout Megatron, ultra Bumblebee, 1-step changer Soundwave, and the Discount Store Exclusive 5" & 7" "Authentics" version of Optimus Prime!

11/30/23- I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! On a sadder note, R.I.P. Peter Spellos, aka the voice of RID Sky-Byte. Here's what's up this update:
- The Model Commentary section has gotten another section added-- yep, the Transformers: Cyberverse Toy Review section is finally up, with reviews up for some of the heavy-hitters in the line: ultimate Megatron, ultra Grimlock, 2018 warrior Optimus Prime, scout Starscream, and the 2018 1-step changer version of Bumblebee!

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History Archives- My own Beast Wars and X-Men: Evolution Fanfiction. Some other authors have contributed, too!
Wow, I
Warp Gate- Links to some other cool web pages!

Model Commentary- Toy reviews of nearly all the Beast Wars-and-up Transformers toys there are.

Briefing Room- Descriptions of the Transformers found only in my fanfiction.

Storage Closet- Reviews of other TF-related merchandise and media, from video games to movies to board games.

Cerebro Historic Records- Reviews for the X-Men: Evolution television episodes and comic books.

Cerebro Profiles- Bios for the many characters in the X-Men: Evolution universe.

Remembering Evolution- An essay on why I think X-Men: Evolution is the best television series ever.

Evo Trivia Quizzes- Think you're an Evo Expert? Test your Evo knowledge and find out!

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