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Did you have a nice flight? Great! I'm Beastbot, and welcome to my fortress! I've got tons of stuff here- Transformers Toy Reviews, Transformers AND X-Men: Evolution fanfiction, X-Men: Evolution Episode Reviews and Bios, and lots more! If you ever get bored, you can leave via the Warp Gate, but why would you ever want to do that?

Rattrap: "You're nothin' but a schemin' snake in th' grass!"
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News Database- The latest Transformer and X-Men: Evolution news, as well as what's been recently upgraded/added to this Fortress!

History Archives- My own Beast Wars and X-Men: Evolution Fanfiction. Some other authors have contributed, too!

Warp Gate- Links to some other cool web pages!

Model Commentary- Toy reviews of nearly all the Beast Wars-and-up Transformers toys there are.

Briefing Room- Descriptions of the Transformers found only in my fanfiction.

Storage Closet- Reviews of other TF-related merchandise and media, from video games to movies to board games.

Cerebro Historic Records- Reviews for the X-Men: Evolution television episodes and comic books.

Cerebro Profiles- Bios for the many characters in the X-Men: Evolution universe.

Remembering Evolution- An essay on why I think X-Men: Evolution is the best television series ever.

Evo Trivia Quizzes- Think you're an Evo Expert? Test your Evo knowledge and find out!

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