Starship Data

UFAS Starships (In Alphabetical Order)

Akira Class Strike Cruiser
Ambassador II Class Heavy Cruiser
America Class Heavy Carrier
Apollo Class Frigate
Avenger Class Heavy Cruiser
Centaur Class Frigate
Challenger Class Light Frigate/Cruiser
Clarke Class Gunboat
Defender Class Destroyer
Galaxy Class Explorer/Heavy Cruiser
Gettysburg Class Heavy Destroyer
Hawk Class Heavy Destroyer
Highlander Class Frigate
Miranda Class Heavy Frigate/Destroyer
Omaha class Dreadnought
Predator Class Destroyer
Prometheus Class Attack Cruiser
Rapier Class Heavy Escort
Sovereign class Enhanced Deterrence Explorer (BattleCruiser)
Victory class Heavy Frigate

Of course the UFAS Flagships form the backbone of their space fleet, but they also use other classes of starship, listed here, ranging from scout to warship. Most are highly modified versions of those in use by the United Federation of Planets.

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The Star Trek banner exchange