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Ships ideas main screenshots Commodities
These all need to be integrated into the Vega Strike Engine:

Navigation System

Universe display (U) is pushed to open this display (N) is used to open the whole nav menu
A map of the entire Wing Commander universe, divided up into sectors.

Sector Display (S)
A map for every Sector. when you select a sector on the universe display it will open this display.
these maps are all divided up into quadrants

Quadrant Display (Q)
When you select a quadrant on the quadrants display, it will open this display, these maps are divided up into systems.

System Display (Y)

When you select a system on the Quadrant display it opens this display,
it shows individual nav points. When you click on a nav point, you select where you are going.this is the default screen when you open you nav panel. It shows the system you are in by default.

I need all the individual system maps from Privateer converted and new ones made for all the other systems. I need jumpnodes which lead to the rest of the universe added to the Privateer systems.

Credit system press (M) to see how many credits you have when in flight, also displays cargo
When you complete a bounty hunter mission or a cargo run you get paid. This will handle all your money, what you get when you trade cargo, complete missions etc. this needs to be done so that when you land if your on the cargo missions pre defined destination you get paid. if not you do not get paid.

Guilds systems
it needs to generate a Fee based on how far away the destination is , 1 jump 2500 credits, 2 jumps 5,000 credits, 3 jumps 12500 credits, 4 jumps 15000 credits, 5 jump 20000 credits, 6 jump 25000 credits, etc increase by 5000 after 4 jumps, Double that for Pirate Missions. Randomly generates a destination and uses that to determine pay. Also for merchants guild the corporation name gets randomly selected from a list while for pirates the corporation is just the pirate's base that your on's name 1 in 16 missions provided are bounty missions using the same system as bounty hunters.

Bounty Hunter
randomly generates mission + payment based on how far away, number of navpoints, and number of enemies.
Patrol missions/Defend Base missions,
+2500 credits per jump
+1000 credits per nav point
+250 credits per target
+500 for kilrathi
must be tied into nav system so that you don't get told to patrol 8 nav points in a system that has only got 5 navpoints etc.
10000 credits for bounty missions
+5000 credits for each system to be searched, systems MUST be in the same quadrant.

Confed Guild
Same as above except almost all missions are against Kilrathi, 50:50 half cargo missions, half attack missions.

Kilrathi Guild
Same as above except almost all missions are against Confed

Public Mission Database
Same as the guilds, no anti-Confed Missions.

Random placement of ships within systems.
When you press the autopilot button to travel to a nav point it generates what ships are at the navpoint your going to.
When you takeoff and it plays the animation, it generates what craft are orbiting the planet you are taking off from. the random generation needs to be influenced by mission conditions and locations, so if your heading to a navpoint on the front lines your more likely to encouner Kilrathi and confed forces than if you were travelling to a navpoint deep in confed territory where you are more likely to encounter Militia patrols, bounty hunters, merchants, and pirates. Some navpoints will have noone there. If you are flying a mission. then it needs to generate an enemy at a specific spot especially if it is a bounty mission/ scouting mission.

Any cutscenes which are made

Ship customisation + loadout
Works with the credit system, allows you to purchase ships in one screen, and on another allows you to upgrade them.must be able to take away money as wellas give it back when buying/selling.