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Wing Commander Universe

Ships ideas screenshots Commodities Program

A game based on the Vega Strike Engine



12:00 pm adelaide time June 21 2001
Sorry for the lack of updates :) this should help to please everyone though!

It's one of the new Terran Mining Bases each base will be different


7:35 Am adelaide time June 14 2001
Wing Commander Universe will now have user selectable crosshairs here are the completed ones so far:


11:05 pm adelaide time June 11 2001
I need to get more models stil, a Kilrathi, Privateer, and a Marine would be especially useful.
We now have a bartender! it took me about 5 mins to change his appearence, Hope you like it!
I also received , our first cockpit the Hornet Check it out!


Hornet Cockpit:

Updated Bar Pic:

10:37 pm adelaide time June 10 2001
I need to get more models stil a Kilrathi, Privateer, and marine would be exceptionaly useful.
Preliminary render of bar scene:

9:39 pm adelaide time June 10 2001
I am going to overhaul the site real soon, there WILL be a character based storyline in singleplayer mode for definite, I will use Quake and Unreal tournament models for the characters. I have already found a model i'm going to use as a retro monk. I need both a Kilrathi and a terran Marine. I'll put up a character page soon. I need a 3d artist to design some bars where you can meet people, i need to be able to add characters to them. Any mesh donations can be sent to

Pic of Monk:

7:14pm adelaide time June 9 2001
I am starting to create landing animations for planets! I plan to give this site a complete overhaul soon. I still need help with 3d modelling, also anyone who can draw 2d cockpits please help us.

10:14pm adelaide time April 18 2001
The webpage is up and I am starting to answer e-mails.

10:29pm adelaide time April 18 2001;
As you may have guessed from the title above, I have decided on the engine which will be used for Wing Commander Universe, HellcatV of the Vega Strike team, has granted me permission to use the Vega strike engine for the game. He pointed out the new engine's many good features, which include: Ship importer, ease of editing to make our changes, an already implemented jump point system which will make the whole navigation coding much easier. I have also recieved fully coded universe map data, which just needs to have a reader program made for it, once this is done all the intrasystem jump coding will be done! the next focus points will be planets, landing, and interfaces, I also need trading, and perhaps nav point systems added (Iam still talking with HellcatV about this).

6:05Am adelaide time April 19 2001;
I have posted new screenshots of Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon! I will continue to work on new renders for the game. I plan to have the renders implemented into the 3d engine. All credit for the "real" planets: Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon go to Robert 'Dark' Wild.

6:40Am adelaide time April 19 2001;
I have just received several e-mails from HellcatV, all the navigaton stuff can be implemented! most of the things this project will have in it CAN be done! He hasn't said if anything can't be done yet.