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USS William Wallace - Captain's Tour.

Welcome onboard the Federation Starship William Wallace.

For those of you who have never been on board a starship before, let me introduce you to some of the main areas onboard...


The bridge of a starship is the nucleus, from here the Captain liases with his department heads and runs the ship. During Red Alert condiditons all department heads are expected to report to their duty stations (with the exception of the CMO, who will stand by to recieve casualties in sick bay) on the bridge. This allows the the ship's crew to work in concert and help the Captain "Fight" the ship

Officer's Wardroom

Located off the Bridge is the Captain's Ready room and the officer's Ward Room. The Ready Room provides necessary facilites for the Ship's senior staff to conduct meetings and work in private whilst on Bridge duty.
The Executive officer is furnished with a similiar, although smaller, office on the second deck.

The Briefing Room on the USS William Wallace is much like the one on Galaxy Class Starships, as many of the basic components of a Nebula class ship are. It can comfortably seat up to eight people and has a display console on the wall. The room is equiped with two Holographic Communications Systems to contact other Starfleet Captains and Admirals.
Briefings are called by the Commanding Officer or the Executive Officer. All Senior Staff are expected to arrive promtly so the CO may give his orders. The Senior Staff compromises of all the ship's departement heads, the Commanding Officer, the Executive Officer and any mission related personel. All Starfleet Personel holding a rank of Commander or higher are invited to the meetings even though they might not be a member of the Senior Staff.


Sickbay is the ship's medical facility. Maintained and staffed by the ship's medical personnel and headed up by the Chief Medical Officer, the sickbay is always ready to handle any medical emergency whenever it becomes necessary.

The entire sickbay is geared towards medical care, and the design keeps that in mind. The William Wallace's sickbay has three standard bio beds and one extensive biobed for those in extreme conditions. Other rooms include the Chief Medical Officer's office and a medical scanning computer room. Medical kits and supplies are stored on most decks, but Sickbay practically has an unlimited supply.

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