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Captain's Tour, Lower Decks

As we move further down the ship we come to some of the primary systems and the ships major facilities.

Main Engineering

This is the USS William Wallace's warp core that spans many decks vertically. The matter-antimatter reaction assembly (M/ARA) is embedded within Deck 12 (Main Engineering) with the surrounding systems balcony above, on Deck 11.

Forward of the Warp Core access you can see the master systems display, also known for obvious reasons as "the pool table". It is an information display and control console used by the ship personel in Main Engineering to monitor system performance and run dianostics routines.
Because the warp core can become unstable, which would result in a masive explosion, the ship has been designed so that the warp core can be safely ejected in case of an emergency.

The ship's computers combine traditional isolinear systems with the latest in bio-neural technology. Known as bio-neural gel packs, they employ synthetic neural fibres that are suspended in biomimetic gel. This enables the computer to operate in a similar way to the humanoid brain, a synthetic neural net - making a 'best guess' rather than working through all possible calculations. They use a mechanical interface to simply slot into housings that connect them

Transporter Room

The three transporter rooms in operation on board are standard starfleet configuration. Transporters are matter-energy conversion device use to provide a convenient means of transportation. The Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Engineer meet on a regualr basis to update and maintain the Transporter's bio-screen facility which scans and isolates potential contagion while the subject is still in transport stasis preventing on-board cross-contamination.

Shuttle Bay

The Main Shuttlebay located on deck 4 is attached to the Upper Shuttlebay that is just one flight up on deck 3. The ship only has one, yet a very large shuttlebay. Holding three different types of shuttles, including the Danube Class Runabout, the Type 9 Shuttlecraft and a Burke Class Marine Transport Boat.

The auxillary craft onboard the ship are used for landing on planets (When transporters are deemed inappropriate), interplanetary and intersolar journeys, crew transfers and ship to ship transports. The crafts can also be used when abandonning the ship and other such emergency situations.

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