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The New Republic Ship Liberty II


Deck Plans:    Deck One    Deck Two    Deck Three    Deck Four   Room Assignments


The Quarters List, so you know who your room mates are.


The Watch Rotations, thanks to Kurt for this.


Guardian Flight's Ready Room.


A Rank Chart (from low to high):

(Rank Emblems for officers are displayed on either the right side of the chest or the shoulders.  The enlisted ranks are displayed on the arms.)

Military Rank Emblem Navy Rank Army Rank Diplomatic Rank
Enlisted I Enlisted I Secretary I
Enlisted II Enlisted II Secretary II
Enlisted III Enlisted III Secretary III
Enlisted IV Enlisted IV Aide I
Enlisted V Enlisted V Aide II
Ensign Ensign Aide III
Flight Officer Lieutenant Aide IV
Lieutenant Captain Diplomat I
Captain Major Diplomat II
Commander Colonel Diplomat III
General General Diplomat IV
Rear Admiral Lt. General Diplomat V
Admiral Major General Ambassador I
Grand Admiral Commander General Ambassador II


Pay Scale:

Military:            Diplomatic:    
Rank: Pay (Credits per Year): Monthly Pay (After Tax):   Rank: Pay (Credits per Year): Monthly Pay (After Tax):
Enlisted I 15,000 1,363.64   Secretary I 15,000 1,363.64
Enlisted II 17,500 1,590.91   Secretary II 20,000 1,818.18
Enlisted III 20,000 1,818.18   Secretary III 25,000 2,272.73
Enlisted IV 22,500 2,045.45   Aide I 20,000 1,818.18
Enlisted V 25,000 2,272.73   Aide II 30,000 2,727.27
Ensign 30,000 2,727.27   Aide III 40,000 3,636.36
Flight Officer / Lieutenant 35,000 3,181.82   Aide IV 50,000 4,545.45
Lieutenant / Captain 40,000 3,636.36   Diplomat I 35,000 3,181.82
Captain / Major 50,000 4,545.45   Diplomat II 55,000 5,000.00
Commander / Colonel 60,000 5,454.55   Diplomat III 75,000 6,818.18
General 70,000 6,363.64   Diplomat IV 95,000 8,636.36
Rear Admiral / Lt. General 90,000 8,181.82   Diplomat V 115,000 10,454.55
Admiral / Major General 110,000 10,000.00   Ambassador I 135,000 12,272.73
Grand Admiral / Commander General 130,000 11,818.18   Ambassador II 155,000 14,090.91


The Cost of Living page.  So that you know how much your rent is.


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