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Star Wars RPG

(last updated 05 Mar 03)

This Game has Ended, due to time constraints.  Please feel free to use the information contained here for your own adventures.

Please Visit my Imperial Armor Page for some interesting items.

PBEM Game - "New Republic: Consolidation" - occurring during the Jedi Academy Trilogy

The beginning info for the game.


How about some links?                                            


RTF copies of the turns:

    Crisis on Corellia (Book One):

    Turn 1    Turn 2    Turn 3    Turn 4        Turn 5 (Parade)    Turn 5 (Infiltration)

    Turn 6    Turn 7    Turn 8    Turn 9 - A  Turn 9 - B            Turn 10


    Book Two:

    Turn 1    Turn 2    Turn 3    Turn 4    Turn 5

    Turn 6    Turn 7    Turn 8    Turn 9    Turn 10


Here's what the view is in first turn, from the window on Dove One.

The Crew and Passenger Listing.

The information on the Liberty and a list of ranks.

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