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Trading Card Wants and Extras

Hi. Please browse my page and e-mail me if you see a possible trade. Feel free to send me your wants/needs list as well. I prefer to trade, but if you see something you want or that you have for me, you can always make an offer. I use Non-Sports Update Magazine as a price guide. Note: I am willing to trade my sports cards, but I do not collect sports cards. While I will accept a trade for anime cards, I do not trade my anime cards for non-anime cards. Also, I am willing to trade non-anime cards with figures or comics as well. [ ] Means trade pending. I hate to do this, but due to high shipping costs, I would prefer to only trade to the United States or Canada, unless you can make it worth my while or they are cards I really want - like Final Fantasy cards. You can e-mail me at fairyhearted at Thanks for looking!

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Non-Sport Card Extras
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