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Gem Dragon Adoption

As you step out of the portal, you feel a breeze greet you that smells of open air and mountains. Judging by the shapes of the rocks (which are cleverly carved into dragon forms), you guess you've reached DragonSeer's lair. WHERE, however, is an entirely different question. Shrugging, you select a random direction and walk that way. After a while, you find yourself going up a steep incline. In front of you, a large cavern entrance opens, looking like it's about to swallow you. Sitting in the inside calmly is a large dragon that looks up at you in amusement.
Sea'sBreath is the Gaurdian of the Gem Dragons
Sea'sBreath is from EverRealm and is not my dragon. Go through the portal to adopt one of SeaBreath's kind or others.

"I am Sea'sBreath. You must be here to adopt a Gem Dragon, hm?"

At your blank stair, she chuckles. "Oh, apparently you didn't know that was here. Gem Dragons are small dragon that bare a resemblence and power to a specific type of gem. Usually, the more rare the gem, the more powerful the dragon. There's more information on them further inside if you'd like to look, but if you do go in, I have to relate to you the rules. Well, you must know and abide by the them. Rules, icky, I know, but they have to be here to protect the dragons if nothing else." The dragon pauses a moment, then tells you,

"1. You must have a PREPARED page with a link back to the main index page:

2. You MUST, MUST, MUST have a candidate. It doesn't matter what gender. Unlike the Pernese dragons, Gem Dragons can be Bonded with any gender person. The candidates are below. You'd think it was obvious, but DragonSeer was just commenting to me recently how few people do it.

3. You must have something about the candidate, at the barebones: 'Hi, my name is - and I am expecting to Bond a Gem Dragon from -.' That will get you a Coal if nothing else.

4. Be creative. The better the page, the better the dragon.

5. NO profanity! DragonSeer doesn't mind swearing, but keep it acceptable, okay? She doesn't want to visit a candidate page with inappropriate comments all over it! She also said that some graphic violence and sexual innuendos are all right, AS LONG AS you handle it well, like an adult, and it fits well to the story. In other words, you have to have a good excuse for it being there.

6. DO NOT alter the graphics in anyway. They are her graphics and she does not appreciate people "doodling" with them. Sometimes they get are a bit big, but do not resize them without her permission. There will be a punishment!

7. You MAY send in more than one candidate. Depending on the clutch, she will accept up to four.

8. An important rule: DO NOT complain about what type you get. And do not complain if someone gets a better dragon than you. DragonSeer decides in ways that cannot be followed by sane and mortal minds. If she recieves any of these messages, she will simply delete them without replying and may even carry out a punishment. So don't complain."

"Due to a major problem last clutch, there is only a clutch of fifteen on the Hatching Grounds including an Mutation Opal*. There are places available."

Last updated: 02/22/04
Places Avaliable:

Gem Dragons shall be closed for the next year or two! Do NOT send in any applications, they will be deleted. I'm sorry to do this, but I just do not have the time for it any more. When I do open again, I hope to have completely revamped the site and the dragons. Thank you all for your patience.

Yes, I agree! Let me in to find out more!. . . .No, I don't agree! Let me out of here!


Candidate:Name/type wanted:Candidate:Name/type wanted:

Here you can meet the adopted.

Carrblue is what's playing here.

*NOTE: This is not a Pernease adoption site. These Gem dragons are of my own creation. Pern and its dragons are copywrited to Anne McCaffrey.

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