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Mantits: teen dream punk rock superstar This is one of my 40 million blogs. But it's the official one this time!

JerkOff JackOff Frigface One-man country band that crosses the bridge between retarded crap and religious experience. The frontman for this group plays with the man behind the tits in Vomit Dichotomy and DDuubbllee TTrruubbllee.

Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains Somewhere between rage and sentimentality, the music is generally acoustic guitar and vocals, another one-person-er. Definitely catchy, definitely smart, definitely critical, like a diarrhea of observation ready to throw its shit in your face and fall to pieces at the same time.

Man in Gray A driven, noisey, intelligent, charged, energetic, diversely influenced and musically inventive rock band from NYC with punk roots that run deep. The bass player used to be in the Inbreds/McVeighs!!!

Sleepshell Dark, soothing, emotionally compelling/complex musical project. Lots of piano and vocals quietly going where they're ominously meant to. Pardon the adverbs. Mantits and Sleepshell collabrated back in 1999. They are still planning on releasing a 7" devoted to Danny Glover.

Ravage Based out of Malden, MA, these guys are a supra-awesome metal band's metal band that used to practice about 100 feet from where Trash and Mantits put some weird mystery spice on all of their rice dishes and Mantits slept on a broken chair. For a couple of months Mantits actually gave Eli from Ravage guitar lessons. This was a long time ago of course, at least in musician-years.

DIY Bandits A supra-awesome organized disorganization based out of CT. These people are behind the soon-to-be Johnny Hobo/Mantits split CD. Not only are they proactive freethinkers with generosity and followthrough, but one of them freestyles about sandwiches and buttsex!

The Pragmatism Cybrary Mantits believes that philosophy can have great value in relation to things other than itself. Mantits also finds most discussions of philosophy extremely empty of this aspect. This site is a goldmine for information on pragmatism, the epistemology that goes against the grain by affirming that our everyday experience (not the logical infallibility or dizzying artistic and wordy presentation of extremely elaborate conceptual constructs) is the most important measure of the value of an idea.

Marxists Internet Archive The best site on Marxism you could hope for. Full texts posted online, information about tons of Marxist thinkers/writers/activists. Marx was another philosopher who had a beef with philosophers. You don't have to believe in the communist party or the dictatorship of the proletariat to find Marx's project incredible, to recognize his thinking as massively influential to the radical left, or to view his analysis of capitalist development as still extremely relevant, albeit not in a totalizing sense. Anyway, all we are saying is 'give Marx a chance'...

Home of Warrior This is the homeage of the Ultimate Warrior, the greatest professional wrestler--and arguably greatest human being--of all time. Here you will find...just go to this site, please!!!

ILL Mitch Skate-punchbag-rapcore from Russia, come to USA.

New England Video This is undoubtedly the most amazing video store ever forever in the whole wide world! Actually there really is a good selection, and the people who run the place are probably the most interesting and eccentric video store owners you'll ever hope to meet. Check out the site and read up on them. Become their friends and you might get you free pizza.

Bags Unlimited Go here if you're looking to run an indie/DIY record label, or just want supplies to copy and package a demo, or even if you want boxes to store CDs or records in. They have tons and tons of stuff. Get CD labels, bags (much cheaper than jewel cases), etc. Yeah. Remember this site.

Shirt Wholesaler Lots of good cheap blank shirts. You can order a lot at once, but you don't have to. You can get a ton of different colors and styles. You can find blank white t-shirts here for under $2 a piece. For a high quality shirt, that's a really good find. If you want to make t-shirts, consider getting your shirts here. It's as cheap as anywhere else you'll find that's half-decent (unless you're more into the dollar-a-pound thing).