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Kristi's Testimony

My life has never been filled with alcohol and drugs, nor street gangs and violence, but up until December 6th, 1998, my life wasn’t filled with Jesus Christ either.

I’d grown up in Clare, MI and had attended Eagle Church of God since I was born. My parents were very involved with the church, and that particular night there was a WCSC meeting being held at my house. The speaker was Linda McCartney. She was a pretty lady who was a sign language interpreter, and who played the violin. However, at my mere 10 years of age, her musical talent wasn’t what caught my attention. It was her love for Christ. Seeing as how I’d grown up in the church, I’d heard about peoples’ “love for Christ” ever since I could remember. For some reason though, on that night, I heard more than some lady’s life story. I heard Jesus calling to me. In fact, that night, it was almost like He was screaming at my heart.

Half way through Linda’s story about how she’d been saved, I knew, that that was the last night I’d ever go to bed without having Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior.

Finally her lesson came to a close, and she asked, “How many of you here know, that you know, that if you died tonight, you’d go to be with the Lord, because you’re His child?” And, at that point, I couldn’t raise my hand. I didn’t know that I’d go to heaven. In fact, after her lesson, I’d realized that I’d end up in the exact opposite place... Sure, I believed in God, but that was as far as I’d ever taken it. In my mind, up until that night, I’d thought I was a “good person” and somehow God and I had an agreement where as long as I went to church, and prayed occasionally, He’d let me into Heaven, without my having to commit to anything. Now I knew I was wrong... very wrong.

The lesson had hit me hard though, and I knew that that certainly wasn’t the case. Being a “good person” would never save me. Linda had made it very clear that it was only by Grace that we may be saved. Not by works, not by church attendance, and not by luck. Jesus died to give us all a chance at the salvation we’d never been able to obtain on our own. I knew that at that point, that I needed Jesus in my life more than I’d ever need anything. He loved me, and died for me, even though I didn’t deserve it.

Finally she said, “If anyone here couldn’t raise your hand, and you’d like to become a child of God, please raise your hand now.” And, I did... Linda asked us all to bow our heads, and then we prayed. For the first time, I asked Jesus into my heart. I asked him to forgive my sins that He died to take away, not because I deserved it, but because He loved me. As soon as I was done praying, a feeling came over me that still amazes me. I felt so loved, and accepted... so forgiven. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ had come into my heart, and that He’d never leave me. I also knew, that I could, and would never leave Him. Even though I’ve had my high and low points during my Christian walk, just like everyone does at times, with Jesus, I’ve made it through them all.

Ministering in the underground community since March 28, 2003
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