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Kae's Testimony

My name is Kae Lunde, I am 16 years old and reside in IN. My main interests are music, body modification, and art. I became a Christian at 4, though didn't really understand what it meant to be a Christian until I was 14, a year when my faith was really tested. My appreciation of art and nature has grown because of God, because I see the universe as a piece of art, and can only be the work of my omniscient Adonai.

I do not claim to be goth. I am labeled this by the stereotypes of wearing black clothing and fishnet, but I don't take on stereotypes. God tells us to come as we are, not by what we wear or what the world thinks we are. I have one view of what goth is, which many people here share, while the world has a different view. It became difficult to explain, so now I just don't. As long as they see Christ in me above all things, that's all that matters.

Ministering in the underground community since March 28, 2003
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