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Jokina's Testimony


I thought I was saved and tried living my life like a Christian without God's help. It did not work. I soon started looking in other religions for what I was looking for. I practiced magick, worshiped Isis the Egyptian Goddess, had a small ability to predict the future, and lived somewhat according to the writings of the Tao Te Ching.

I soon fell in love with a guy and gave him all I had of myself, sex was only part of it. I would sit around forever waiting for him to call. Everything he said was important to me. I was also struggling really badly, spiritually. Satan was ready to totally claim me as his own, but God did not give up. On July 27, 2004, I found Christ at night on the porch of a gift shop at church camp. I bless God today for sending the man who helped me see God's love.

The road has been bumpy, but definitely worth it. One thing's for sure. Life without Christ isn't worth living. With Christ, you have a reason to be here on this earth. You're a somebody in God's eyes. He loves you. Don't like it? Better live with it, 'cause He will love you no matter what you have done or what you will do. God loves you!

Ministering in the underground community since March 28, 2003
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