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Welcome to The Article Shop! We specialize in beautifully made scent articles and dumbbells designed to be the best you will ever use. Click on a name or an image below if you’d like to investigate any item further.

We use only vegetable-tanned leather and stamp the numbers in each article. Our metal articles are carefully constructed to allow no abrasive edges to disturb your dog’s teeth.
We also make hardwood dumbbells out of poplar, mahogany, and cherry.
Finding items with your breed on it is hard enough (I know, I own a Belgian Malinois!), but finding beautifully crafted items made out of leather is even harder. Made from commissioned drawings, each breed has been crafted into a metal stamp which is then impressed into the leather.

Coming Soon!
By clicking on the icon at right, you can print out a form and send it to us for your order.
Here's a list of shows we will be attending. You will be able to try out our bite set so that you can order the perfect size for your dog!

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