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We also make hardwood dumbbells out of cherry, mahogany and poplar, whose sizes correspond to the article sizes listed on the sizing chart. We can, as with articles, make custom sizes.
Wooden dumbbells occasionally break. Therefore, we tested these. Here's what we did, but do not try this at home! We are trained professionals! Seriously, we were testing the limits on construction, and after such stress the dumbbells were whole, but very chewed up.

- We threw them repeatedly against a brick wall at 20 feet.
- We threw them multiple times in the air about 100 feet, to land bouncing in a parking lot
- We threw them as retrieve dumbbells on a concrete area.
- None broke. Eventually, after the 7th throw straight in the air in the parking lot, with multiple bounce landings, one of the joints became loose.

So...our feeling about dumbbells breaking is as follows:

- Wooden dumbbells occasionally break.
- If a hardwood dumbbell breaks, it usually does so on the 1st or second throw on a regular training mat, because of a fault or separation in the wood grain. If it does not break at this time, then with normal use on training mats, it should not break for you.
- If your dumbbell breaks the first or second time you throw it, we will replace it automatically.

All standard sized Dumbbells: $15.00
Custom Dumbbells: $25.00
Name inscription on dumbbell: $5.00 additional
Shipping for dumbbells: $7.50

*Check with us for wholesale prices for orders of 20 dumbbells or more.

note: Whereas it might at first seem appropriate to charge less for a smaller size, we have found that the smallest ones are actually quite tricky to cut safely. We now also pin each dumbbell's end bells through the dowel for extra security.

Click here for our size chart:

We make dumbbells ANY size!

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