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Nick's Map Section

I am using this place to store all my maps. Im including all my maps that I have created or have helped in its> The ratings for each map are as follows:

10/10 - Excellent Map, a classic.
9/10 - Very Good Map.
8/10 - A good map for fans of the genre
7/10 - Good but flawed somehow.
6/10 - Above average.
5/10 - Average map.
4/10 - Little thought was put into this.
3/10 - Back off, it smells.
2/10 - Rivers of shit smell better.
1/10 - Might as well commit suicide instead of this.
0/10 - Spawn of Satan, exorcism required to play.

Nick's Maps

Aeon of Strife: BattlefieldV2
- Rating: 8.5/10
- This is probably my most popular map. This is the original that has caught on in Starcraft spawning many imitations including some on Warcraft III. The current best example of an imitation of this map is Dynasty Warriors: A New Age (This is misleading since this resembles Aeon of Strife closely and has almost nothing to do with Dynasty Warriors which is based on Chinese history).
Last Updated: 3/23/02

Aeon of Strife Final
- Rating: 9.5/10
- The true sequel to Aeon of Strife. This is what the original Aeon of Strife was meant to be like and copies Dynasty Warriors 3 better than the original. It has specials, new heroes, and even crazier battles. This is still under construction but the next version is probably going to be the last.
Last Updated: 2/13/03

Civilization II Version 2
- Rating: 7/10
- A complicated map somewhat based on Civilization II. The map is very hard to explain so I will not put too much of an effort in explaining it. You can avoid this one if you do not have patience.
Last Updated: 1/31/02

Defense To Hell! V2
- Rating: 7.5/10
- A strange type of defense map in which you must go offensive to win. Enemies come at you constantly and the closer you get to destroying the gates the harder the game becomes. There is a ion cannon on the map which would kill all units and could be used by everyone. Still some glitches, but overall it's still fun.
Last Updated: 2/22/02

Final Stand RPG
- Rating: 7.5/10
- Although still primitive and simple, this is actually worth playing. Its not too hard and has the basic style I use to create my current maps. For a primitive map, go play Outlaw Star RPG.
Last Updated: 5/16/02

Gladiators Extended
- Rating: 8.5/10
- One of my earlier, simpler maps but still fun. There is an earlier version, but this is the best one. The more units you kill the more units you get. Simpler than Gundam Wing is.
Last Updated: 2/3/02

Gundam Wing RPG V5
- Rating: 10/10
- My best map I have ever done. After getting a new program, instant upgrades have finally been added. Enjoy Version 5. Choose a hero and finish the map. This is the map I use to outline my other maps. It is very simple, primitive, but very, very addictive and fun.
Last Updated: 3/23/02

Hunt and Collect
- Rating: 8/10
- Map by Me and Outlawgunman. Use your Protoss minions to kill off the Zerg creatures on the map. Buy more units using money gained from killing and upgrade. One of the simpler maps I have done, but still one of the best.
Last Updated: 2/2/02

Hunt and Collect 2
- Rating: 2/10
- Not so good sequel to the original. This is one of the main reasons why I do not do sequels. I used Zerg instead of protoss and added stuff that completely changed the way the game is played. Some people like the map, but most people find it frustrating.
Last Updated: 2/2/02

Insane Comps Veteran
- Rating: 8/10
- There was an old map that I liked called Insane Comp. It had you pitted against four insane computer players with already built bases, but it was too easy. So I upgraded the difficulty, added instant build, and a ranking system. Don't overestimate yourself. It'll exasterbate the situation.
Last Updated: 3/10/03

Outlaw Star RPG
- Rating: 5/10
- This is my earliest rpg and the most by far primitive. This is very old and not all that good. It is fun, but I dare you to beat it. I made it and I have never beaten it. I stopped creating this when I began work on Final Stand RPG, another primitive RPG.
Last Updated: 5/16/02

- Rating: 6/10
- Choose a unit and try to gain the most points. After creating Civilization II, I wanted something simple. It does not seem to work perfectly, though. It is too easy to kill units and is somewhat based on the arcade game of the same name.
Last Updated: 1/31/02

Sabotage: The Game
- Rating: 8/10
- A map created in two days (a personal record). Ally with one of three computer, buy special units, and destroy the others. However your friends might decide to ally with your enemies...
Last Updated: 4/5/02