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Update News: 6/09/2004

I'm still alive! Look a message! Currently working on some maps again. A remake of an older map and a different type of RPG. In other news, I really need to update my Favorites section because the 16 tricks map... went to 26 tricks then dropped back down because of the 1.11 patch. There is alot of crap on the SC ums scene now... there are like 4 people I knows working on ORIGINAL and CREATIVE maps. Pretty good for a seven year old game right? Definately better than Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Update News: 7/4/03

Well its Independence Day and thankfully no world destroying aliens are invading the planet. Unfortunately I have been taking a vacation from Starcraft and been playing Homeworld. I would like to mention that playing either game requires patience. However Homeworld requires patience equal to the guy listening to the verizon wireless mascot constantly saying "Can you hear me now?" If I ever meet the creator of that commercial, I will personally run him over with my car. A car I can now drive with my newly acquired license. So look out world an inexperienced driver has been unleashed onto the streets. By the next update I plan to repaint my car red to hide the various blood smears and replace the cracked windshield. Children should learn to jump out of the way when a car is driving on the sidewalk.

Update News: 4/12/03

People kept telling me Aeon of Strife 2 Final was easy. So I thought hard and long to myself, said "Screw it" and made this version. You people are not good enough to play this. In other news, a typhoon may hit the island according to the Weather Service. As of 4-30-03, the typhoon has grazed by Guam and slammed into the Philippines instead...

Update News: 3/10/2003

Finally after mucho testing I have finally finished Aeon of Strife 2. It is much more balanced and the difficulty is much harder. Try not to be stupid. Aeon of Strife 2 Final

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