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Application requirements:

Sites will not be awarded that promote hatred, racism, violence, child exploitation,animal exploitation, pornography, illegal activities,
or anything I find offensive.

Sites which are extensively under construction will not be considered. Please finish your site and then reapply.

The application form must be complete. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

Please provide a link back to my site ( I do check and signing my guestbook will be highly appreciated since I like to know what exactly you think of my site. :=)

Your site must offer more than good looks. I'd like to gain something from the experience find a reason to come back.

Colors and text should be pleasant to the eye and easy to read. A site where one must strain to read is not fun to visit. Moving & flashing backgrounds and excessive graphics in a page annoys me :)

Sites with an excessive amount of broken links or improper HTML, Java, etc., will no doubt send me on my way .. I know that in working on a site, a few mistakes are inevitable.

Your page should be easy to navigate. If you use frames, please make sure visitors do NOT get stuck in your frames.

Please understand that I am not an expert .. these awards are awarded purely from my personal tastes.

** NOTE **
Graphics in EYE SITE AWARD & EXCELLENCE IN WEBPAGE AWARD are both my original work.
If form does not work,please email me with the below information and add "Awards" in the  subject line.


This award cannot be applied for.
It will be awarded only to those sites which
I find very unique and very artistically designed


This award is for overall
excellence in webpage design,
content, and graphics.


This award is for those sites
that has good and beautiful,
angel pages.


This award is for those sites with
christian theme.


This award is for those
inspirational sites,the ones that
touch my heart and my soul.


This award is for those
sites with sense of style,
(a unique one).


This award is for those sites
that is awesome and makes meeh feel,
peaceful inside my heart.


What is your name?

What is your E-mail address?

What is the URL to your page?

Name of your homepage?

Which Award or Awards?

Can you receive E-mail attachments?

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