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Welcome to my worlds. During your visit, I hope you will take the time to discover Auxnurs. After three millennium of sleep, old magic has begun to reawaken. Discover the forgotten race of giant ebony Amazon warriors who by ancient duty are obligated protect those belonging to an ancient sect known as Maji. Learn of the battle of good and evil between mother and daughter. A few sample chapters of "RETURN OF THE MAJI" or "OF ANCIENT LEGENDS (a work in progress) await you.

Perhaps Short Stories, Poetry or art work are more to your liking. I hope to update short stories poems and art work periodically. Of course you are welcome to read my Biography, and discover how my living clocks, (a housecat and a min pin) tell me when it's time to take a break.

When I first began writing, a wise person told me "Every poem can be a short story, every short story a novel." These words of wisdom have served me well.

Please feel free to address your comments to However, please include the chapter, short story, poem or artwork that caught your interest.

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