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10-16-02 NEWS FLASH!!  HANK RANK (of CRIME) has now joined forces with TVH to take over the drumstool from Biff O'Hara!! Also, Jimmy Crucifix has RETIRED from bass duties and is now playing 2nd (lead) guitar. TVH are now seeking a replacement bass player. According to the band, Hillary Hanes (formerly of Pearl Harbor) was the runner up - or was it Ruben from Mink De'Ville. Anyone still alive from the 1976-79 Fab Mab days in the SF area want a job? Please contact the band.

How about some LIVE SHOWS guys??!!

08-01-02  "Night Raid on Lisbon Street" from Johnny Strike's new band TVH has finally hit the streets. The album kicks ass and is definitely worth picking up, if only to here Johnny's new version of CRIMEs "Hot Wire My Heart". The picture disc version is still pending. Click here to listen to "Yo, Slim Fats" from the new LP or click here to purchase directly from Flapping Jet.

06-26-02  According to Flapping Jet, "Night Raid on Lisbon Street" has been delayed (again). This time printing problems due to the last minute name-change are to blame. Flapping Jet have confirmed that the album will be released on CD (see cover art to the left) and 12" picture disc.

04-24-02  Personnel and equipment page is now up at last. All information is presumed correct at time of publication but is subject to change following confirmation from the band.

03-13-02  HOT news from Hank Rank - it seems the ill-fated CRIME boxset is back on, stay tuned. There is also talk of a CRIME tribute LP and BOOK!!! Johnny's new project, shortened to TVH is due to hit the streets sometime in April on Flapping Jet Records. Johnny Strike and ex-CRIME bass/keyboard wizard Joey D'Kaye are also rumored to be resurrecting their "Vector Command" project from their post CRIME days for a possible release - the first time any CRIME members have collaborated for over 20 years!!

11-30-01  The Venus Hunters have signed to Flapping Jet Records out of San Diego and should have their debut CD entitled "Night Raid on Lisbon Street" released early 2002.

10-20-01  Congratulations to CRIME - "Hot Wire My Heart" b/w "Baby You're So Repulsive" was voted # 67 in the top 100 punk scorchers of all time in the October issue of MOJO magazine.

10-08-01  Test pressings of the as yet untitled VENUS HUNTERS LP have been distributed to generate label interest. First promotional photograph of the line-up is released (see left).

09-02-01  The band has finally chosen the name THE VENUS HUNTERS, after a collection of short stories by J.G. Ballard

08-28-01  Lyrics sction is updated (with thanks to Joey D'Kaye). More Joey D'Kaye news soon

05-26-01 original CRIME poster sale

08-25-01  Johnny Strike returns with a draft of a new novel, provisionally entitled "Tangerino Cats", in hand. Backing vocals on the "Johnson" project is completed, horns may be added to a few tracks by Morty from "The New Morty Show". The name for this project is now under review due to a conflict with another band from Pittsburg, PA.

05-23-01  Johnny Strike leaves for Africa on a writing trip.  Check out his short story in AMBIT # 164 and his article entitled "The ghost of Brian Jones speaks to the Villa delerium" in HEADPRESS # 21.

05-16-01 Studio work is amost completed, with back-up vocals and production to finish

05-06-01 Johnsons project is mostly done. Johnny will rework a couple of vocal tracks next week and will finish up background vocals as well.  Jimmy Crucifix will be mixing and trimming and adding any toots and whistles. The band aslo recorded a version of Last Fair Deal Gone Down (Robert Johnson).

03-12-01 Johnsons finish recording music for 16 tracks including a reworking of "Hot wire my heart" and a cover of Sonic Youth's "Pacific coast highway".  Once Jimmy gets over his flu Johnny will record vocal tracks followed by the mix.

01-31-01 Contrary to a recent TV report, Brittley Black has not died of "flesh eating bacteria". He is alive and well in the SF area and may be taking to the drum stool again with local goth/avante garde outfit "Wages of Sin"

01-01-01 Hail to the Johnsons - Johnny Strike (guitar/vocals), Jimmy Crucifix (bass/vocals) and Biff O'Hara (skins)