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San Miguel Archangel Minor Basilica


The San Miguel Archangel Minor Basilica, built in 1600, is the second biggest and most beautiful church in the Philippines. It also boasts of the longest aisle, measuring 103 meters. At the belfry is an old clock installed in 1818, which is still working. It is the only one of its kind in Asia. The church houses many beautiful and priceless antique religious images and icons, chandeliers, wall ornaments, lamps, and altar. BeTayabasins' concern to preserve legacy, the church still has most of its original parts.

The original structure of this church was made of bamboo, nipa (coconut-leaf-like roofing material) and anahaw (palm) built by Fransciscan priests in 1585. In 1600, a more permanent brick church was built but was damaged by an earthquake in 1743. It was again rebuilt and enlarged in 1586 where a cupola and a transept were added. The brick roof of the transept was replaced by a galvanized iron roof in 1894.


San Miguel Archangel Minor

A view of the San Miguel Archangel Minor Basilica from the top