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Intellivision Desktop Themes & ScreenSavers

When I'm not playing my sadly-outdated, yet-fun video games, I'm a graphic designer for a textbook company (scary). In my spare time I draw and junk. Here's some INTV stuff I did. Get the font to complete the B-17 Bomber desktop theme.

FINALLY!!! I've been wanting to do a "general" Intellivision theme for some time; I decided to do it on Mattel games in particular. I made this using Win 98, so I don't know how well it'll work on Win 95. It has lots of cool sounds recorded directly from a TV using my trusty old Tandyvision One (it has the true raz sample that the emulator just won't emulate properly), and 5 new icons made from emulator screen shots. Also included is wallpaper using box scans and a little magic on the side + "running man" animated cursors with matching pointers etc. You must download the "SF Intellivised" font from >here< to make this theme complete (don't forget to extract into your Plus! themes folder).

Download the Intellivision Desktop Theme!

I had so much fun doing this one that I have tons of spare sounds & icons that didn't make the cut--Download this Download tons of extra icons & sounds! stuff too!

Download the B-17 Bomber desktop theme!

When I was 13 my uncle (the war-freak) had an Intellivoice with B-17 bomber. He got tired of it and gave it to me and my brother. We were hooked! So in honor of my uncle, I created this Win 95/98 desktop theme. (Don't forget to unzip into your Win95/98 PLUS! themes folder) It comes with a bunch of spare icons and extra sounds I didn't use.

Download the B-17 Bomber ScreenSaver!

This is the icing on the cake! It is a scrolling bomb bay view with optional voices.UnZip into a new folder and hit setup. Created by Ryan Huff<----drop him a line

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