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                                 Download TrueType fonts for PC & Mac

These fonts were lovingly created using screen shots from various Intellivision games and scans from boxes on one of them. Download and enjoy!

Here's the typeface that started it all (it also looks great with the B-17 Bomber desktop theme) Hit the ~ key to get the "diamond."

Download the Intellect font

This font is an example of a game that had better typography than gameplay. Hit the ~ key to get the cool "correct" copyright symbol.

Download the Vectronic font


Here's the bastard son of Vectronic. It has subtle little differences; like the futuristic dots on the zero, M & W. You might also recocnize it from Nova Blast. Hit the ~ key to get the "hollow" copyright symbol.

Download the Sailer font


My hat's off to the guy that created this font. This one really broke out of the mold!

Download the Tower font

Well, it's funny that after a while it does sort of look like needle-point sewing.

Intellivision Sweet Intellivision


I like this font the most because these were my favorite games. Plus, the boxes were cheesy-cool (is that like shabby-sheik?) Hit shift + backslash to get the sideways "NEW" symbol (didn't every game say new?).

Download the Imagica font

Here's all of the above fonts in a tight little ZipIt bundle for Mac users.

Download all fonts for Mac!

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