Sidewalk artists
across the Seine from Notre Dame

On the Importance of Knowing French

Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links

CPF--French Internet Address List

France and Things French Pib's French Links

French Information Web Links

Super French Web Sites

French Resources on the Web

Teaching French as a Second Language Using the Internet

AlloAllo: Teaching French with the Internet

New Ideas for Teaching French with the Internet

American Association of Teachers of French

AATF: Teaching French with Technology

Cooperative Learning in Modern Languages

Student-designed lesson plans for teaching French with the Internet

Designing Lesson Plans for using the Internet

"Really Useful French Teaching Site"

Adopt an Escargot **Great ideas for teaching French in high school and middle school!**

Using Music and Dance in Teaching French

Appalachian State University's French Page

French Embassy in the US

Le Monde (newspaper)

FranceVision: Order French videotapes for an American audience (Free photos of France)

The English Channel Tunnel

European Rail System: Eurailpass

European Union Home Page

European Economic Community

The Euro: One Currency for Europe

Personal Currency Assistant This really wonderful service from Xenon Labs performs conversions...opens in a convenient pop-up window!

How Far Is It? Calculates distance ("as the crow flies") between places around the world--from here to Paris is 4277 miles

The World Clock

The Web of Culture

Blank Outline Maps (country or continent)

Map of France

More Maps of France

The Nacel student exchange program

The Statue of Liberty

Casablanca (WWII movie, set in Morocco)
(For a stirring display of French patriotism, don't miss the scene with the singing of La Marseillaise!)

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