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Welcome to AUGUSTODUNUM, providing essential links to guide you through the world of Renaissance Pictures - the creators of Xena, Hercules, Jack, Cleo and the Evil Dead - as well as fascinating quality-of-life sites. Already over 39,000 visits - who knew! Read fascinating interviews and chat transcripts, post your deepest thoughts on the Augustodunum Forum, catch up on the career of actor and award-winning Campbell Cooley, subscribe to the Original Jack of All Trades Discussion List, or just surf through cool locations. And be sure to sign the guestbook, and let us know that you were here.

Disclaimer #1 - Anything that you see on this site is copyrighted by the individuals or entities who indeed hold that copyright. This is a personal site, for fun only.
Disclaimer #2 - If you see some image that I have borrowed from your webpage, well, first of all... lighten up, be flattered, and get over it. But if you do have a problem, e-mail me and let me know.
Disclaimer #3 - Yeah, I got a hobby - yo, you gotta problem wid dat?

Chat transcripts with the greats! Just click on the name: Stuart Devenie, Darien Takle, Kevin Smith, Josh Becker, Jeremy Roberts, Robert Trebor, Bruce Campbell (1/14/2000), 3/02/2000, (Fall 2002), Gina Torres (1/17/00), (February 2000) Jennifer Sky (1/18/00), (Spring 2000) and Vicky Pratt (January 2000) (April 2000)

Sam and Rob's new company, Ghost House Pictures
Click above for Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert's new production company!

Raimi's Spider-Man Movie! has news updated daily on the progress on "Spider-Man 3" - Sam Raimi's next sequel to two of the most successful films in history! Click on the image of Spidey above, and get psyched for Sam, Tobey, Bruce, and Ted together again, not to mention the babelicious Kirsten Dunst in even scimpier outfits!

Alien Apocalypse

My Back 2 Back Action Page!

If I Had A Hammer
Josh Becker's lost ode to folk music - click above to find out more!

Campbell Cooley in Soul Possession
Campbell Cooley Tribute Page

And you may click above for my interview with Campbell Cooley!

She's LIVIA!

And you may click above for my interview with Adrienne Wilkinson herself!

Katherine Fugate
Screenwriter Katherine Fugate's Website

And you may click above for my interview with Katherine Fugate in all her wacky glory!

Bruce Campbell

And you may click above for my interview with the man himself, Bruce Campbell!!

Michael Cory Davis
Michael Cory Davis Website

And you may click above for my interview with actor/director Michael Cory Davis!

Jonas Talkington
Jonas Talkington Tribute page

And you may click above for my interview with actor and casting director Jonas Talkington!

The Official Augustodunum Forum
Come post to your heart's content!  Troll-free! No Ted-Nazis or angry, spiky-haired flannel-shirters allowed!

Comprehensive Descriptions, Summaries, Images, etc:


Mary D's Page

Xena World Order, by the HBKid

Tom's Xena Page

Xena-Hong Kong Connection

Link to the Oxygen Channel!
Click above for the Oxygen Channel, where Xena will return in reruns in September of '07.

And now.....what you've been waiting for.
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The Girls of Renaissance Pictures

Lucy Lawless

Renee O'Connor!

Adrienne Wilkinson - She's LIVIA!

Jennifer Sky

Angela Dotchin

Melinda 'Mindy' Clarke aka Velsca

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