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Campbell Cooley Tribute Page

A modest and decidely unofficial tribute to the hardest-workin' American-born guest villain/commercial spokesman/voice artist/award-winning independent film director in New Zealand: Campbell Cooley.

headshot for the new millenium

Click here for the most recent details on new projects, recent awards, and films including.....THE HIT

Site History: This little tribute originally started as a result of a futile attempt to find pictures of Mr. Cooley on the web, back in 1999, when most of his appearances had been on the syndicated show, "Xena Warrior Princess." Naturally, most Xena-related sites focus primarily on pictures of Xena - go figure - and so initial efforts resulted in pictures like this:

A rare sighting of Campbell's hand!

But as Cooley-mania began to grip the Xenaverse, more pictures began to turn up from "Vanishing Act," "A Tale of Two Muses," and "In Sicknes and In Hell."

From "A Tale of Two Muses"
{That's him in the middle}

From "Vanishing Act"
{That's him to Bruce's right, with the sword}

A pattern began to develop - although a trained stage actor and gifted improv and stand-up comedian, Campbell Cooley was invariably cast as a menacing villain - dark, silent, brooding - the right hand man of the principal bad guy in the episode (causing director Josh Becker to dub him "Jr. Evil.")

For many fans, Campbell Cooley's most memorable scene will always be the infamous "drool" scene from "In Sickness and In Hell" :

{That's him on the floor, about to get drooled on!}

But, all things come to those who wait, and all good roles come to actors who go to enough auditions! After working as Bruce Campbell's stand-in during rehearsals for the Hercules episode "For Those of You Just Joining Us," Campbell Cooley's next break came in October of 1999, when the Hercules episode "Love Amazon Style" aired, featuring him as....well, as the right hand man of the principal bad guy, the god Deimos. This was, however, more of a comic role, in which Cooley held his own with notorious scene-stealer Joel Tobeck!

Off-camera with Kevin Sorbo

A year and a half later, director Becker returned to NZ to shoot the Xena episode "Soul Possession," featuring the final appearances on the show of Ted Raimi, Kevin Smith, and yes, Jr. Evil.

Cooley calls in a news flash in the Xena episode "Soul Possession"

Wrap Party for Soul Posession
Seen (l-r) at the wrap party are Anne Nordhaus (described as having one of the funniest supporting roles in the episode), Campbell Cooley, and, in Mr. Cooley's words, "just some guy that crashed the party and stole all our booze."

The Random Reporter
From the opening scene of "Soul Possession"

Campbell Cooley + Josh Becker
Campbell Cooley and director Josh Becker

The Real Campbell Cooley, sans scars, turbans, etc.
headshot from 1999

Click here for a sneak peek of a different, devilish look, c. 1999!


Cooley Fans have visited this page since September 20th, 1999!

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Click here to go to one of the best sites on the Net for screen grabs - the Legendary Hero's World Order, designed by HBKid, where most of the pictures on this page originate from!

In winter of 2000, the feature film premiered; it was described as:

An emotionally-charged action-adventure story, THE VERTICAL LIMIT is a high-adrenalin tale of a young climber (Golden Globe nominee Chris O'Donnell) who must launch a treacherous and extraordinary rescue effort up K-2, the world's second highest peak, to save his sister (Robin Tunney, End of Days) and her summit team in a race against time. Crucial in this operation is a laconic weather technician, who seems as if he's muttering prayers to evil Greek deities. (OK, maybe not the last bit.)

Martin Campbell, the celebrated director of The Mask of Zorro and GoldenEye, delivers high-voltage action and exhilarating suspense in a film that pits man against his own limitations and the awesome power of nature's uncontrollable elements.

Anyone look familiar?

"Vertical Limit" airs pretty regularly on the F/X network. More images, courtesy of Diana:

(and a bigger one can be found here.)

Updates from the Camster, 2000-2006: Over the last six years, Campbell Cooley has been turning up in a variety of commercials and guest spots on all the most popular popular NZ television shows.

"Plenty of auditions happening. Turns out that most of the film crews in Sydney can't be hired to do commercials since they're too busy covering some stupid Sporting Events that seem to be getting world wide coverage. Go figure! So, they've been coming to Auckland to film. Just last Wednesday (8/30/00), I filmed a commercial playing a snooty Wine Waiter in an Italian restaurant."

And more....

"Filmed (another) commercial today (11/16/00.) Should be VERY weird. It's a commercial for Vodaphone. It involves six of us at the beach laying on beach towels. Each of us is from a different country (I'm obviously from America). Here's the catch. In actually, our heads and arms are sticking through cut out holes and our bodies are painted on a giant wall. We're all doing rather bizarre things and here's the REAL kicker... I'm actually a WOMAN wearing a bikini designed to look like the American flag!"

And more Vodaphone.....

"Just a little update... I filmed another commercial last week (c. 4/30/01) for Vodafone. Not quite so degrading as sticking my head through a cut-out of a female sunbather wearing a bikini of the American flag. I was an M.C. in a Miss Universe contest. After the viewer gets an eyeful of the various contestants I ask Miss USA a probing question; "So Crystal, World Peace? A good thing or a bad thing?" It becomes immediately clear that this blond bombshell has no clue how to respond so she just smiles into the camera. All smiles myself I respond... "Well, I guess that says it all!" While trying to stay in character, I shoot her a dirty look."

And here is.... our favorite Vodafone Emcee!
Vodafone Emcee

And more.....

"Shot a new commercial the other day. (c. 10/10/01) Talk about bizarre! I play the number 8 as part of the phone number for an insurance company. However, I'm sort of a secret service agent for the holder of the insurance policy. Throughout the commercial I serve the customer by cleaning his mail box with a feather duster, shielding his car while he's driving, surprising him with a 'No Claims Bonus' and catching a burglar.

Definitely the bulkiest and most uncomfortable costume I've ever worn. Required two people to put it on me and I couldn't sit or move my arms for nearly 16 hours. My body was one giant muscle spasm by the end of the day. Oh, the things we actors do for our craft!"

Click here for a close-up of the loyal "Number 8." Note: the "number" behind him is Justin Curry, seen on XWP in "Little Problems," "King Con," and in "The Price" as the Horde warrior who begged for "kaltaka."

And in summer of 2002.... In addition to helping teach four acting classes, Campbell Cooley was recently seen on the popular NZ drama series "Mercy Peak." He played "an American consultant brought over to oversee the development of a prison on a special piece of ground." The catch was...everyone in town thought the facility was going to be a uni. Click here for a behind-the-scenes shot with co-star George Henare, best known for "Once Were Warriors" on the big screen, and for playing Zarathustra on "Hercules." Below are four screenshots of the episode, captured by the actor himself!

1 2 3 4

Speaking of friends and co-stars, here's the Cooley-meister with his personal trainer Ken. And, click here for one more backstage pic from the set of "Soul Possession" (see above) with the late Kevin Smith, both actors making a grateful fan's day.

And in April of 2003..... Mr. Cooley appeared on the hit series "Spin Doctors" as Neil, a smarmy PR guy hired to produce some NZ Terrorism Awareness ads. In his own words:

"Finished shooting for 'Spin Doctors' yesterday. Fastest turnover for a show I've ever done! They shoot an entire episode in less than a day and a half! The episode will actually air tomorrow night! It's set in a Public Relations firm that gets hired to do a lot of spin doctoring for companies, politicians, etc. The jokes are all VERY current and make fun of the latest issue or commercial on TV.... the only thing you can't see (in the photo below) is the HUGE ponytail they weaved into the back of my head and the chic ring on my finger."

Neil, the PR Guy
Neil, the ad man from the Smokescreen Ad Agency

A Busy Spring! (From May of 2003) "Just got cast in an Australian commercial for the Ford Motor company. It's pretty much me and a dog playing in the park until the dog does something unexpected. My reaction is rather amusing."

And a busier summer! In early July of 2003, CC finished shooting not one but two episodes of a light-hearted NZ series called "Secret Agent Men." In one, he plays a Middle Eastern delegate who's trying to corner the global dairy market. Moe, Larry - the cheese! In the second, he plays a Russian delegate to the U.N. whose translation program gets infected with a virus, causing the American delegate to misundertand his statements. Hijinks ensue. Note: he did his own dialogue entirely in Russian!

In late 2004, CC landed another big-screen role, a ship's engineer in "The World's Fastest Indian" opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins. The film chronicled the life story of New Zealander Burt Munro, who spent years building a 1920 Indian motorcycle -- a bike which helped him set the land-speed world record at Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats in the 1970s. Cam's scenes are in the dvd version of the film.

Campbell Cooley on set in the engine room

Off-set, with Sir Anthony Hopkins

Additionally, in early 2005, he provided the voice for Tomars, a villain in the latest Power Rangers series, "Power Rangers: Space Patrol Delta." Details on his two episodes, "Boom" (ep. 1.16) and "Reflection, Pt. 1" (ep. 1.24) can be found here.

The evil Tomars. Note: that's some stuntman actually inside the suit.

In the fall of 2005, Cam Cooley was featured in a major guest starring role as "Liam" on the popular and long-running prime-time NZ soap opera "Shortland Street." If you're a NZ viewer, feel free to come visit this message board, and start some discussion for the benefit of those of us who have never seen the show.

Here are some updates on Liam from the site above:

The Warner household is thrown into turmoil this week when a strange foreigner arrives in Ferndale with revelations of a shocking Warner family secret.

Many viewers will recall there have been mentions of Chris' twin sister Amanda (Marissa Stott) before... At birth, doctors pronounced her so severely disabled she would require a life of full-time care. Amanda was rushed to a home for intellectually handicapped at less than two weeks old, where she was raised until Chris' brother Guy Warner (Craig Parker) discovered her existence. At that time, Sir Bruce Warner decided to take up an overseas clinic's offer to provide care for Amanda....

But now American nurse Liam Todd (Campbell Cooley) has arrived in Ferndale with Amanda, effectively having kidnapped her from the institute. The story Liam tells suggests Amanda might not actually be the vegetable the doctors have made her out to be. But who is this odd foreigner, what does he want from Chris and just what is his relationship with Amanda?

Liam is certain Amanda understands the world around her and does his best to convince Chris of the same. He professes to be dedicated to his ward but Chris is suspicious of just where that dedication ends and something else begins. People have done things to get their hands on Warner money before; could this be the most bizarre attempt yet?

The mysterious Liam

(And click here for a nice article on the Liam/Amanda storyline!)

In April of 2006, the Power Rangers came calling again, in their "Mystic Force" incarnation, and this time Campbell was inside the giant latex villain suit, as "Skullington" in the episode "Petrified Xander" :

(More images can be found at this site)

Greetings to all the Cooley fans to surf in here! Why not leave a message, and let us know what you thought of Cam's appearance on "Shortland Street," by signing the Guestbook! As Xena said in In Sickness and In Hell, "C'mon, don't be shy - your mother wasn't!"

Click on the logo below for a sneak preview of a new film called "6,000 Miles from Hollywood," made by some friends of Campbell Cooley. It's the story of an American actor who relocates down under to find fame and fortune. No idea where they could have come up with an idea like that. ;) But it actually looks pretty funny.

So, ever wonder if the Cam-Man is getting rained on? Wonder no more ! See below:

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