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My involvement in Amateur Radio is a direct result of my car breaking down. The tow truck that came to assist me had a 2-way telephone. While my car was being towed, the phone rang. At that moment, I knew I had found an exciting way to communicate. I felt that I was destined to become a part of a network of people who communicated worldwide. Shortly afterwards I joined the ranks of CB'ers. During the 60's CB was the easiest and quickest way to become a part of the worlds greatest hobby.

Today, my wife still reminds me of the excitement she saw on my face when I first asked her if I could put this quaint, funny looking, strange sounding radio in a corner of the living room. Being the sweet, lovely person that she is, she agreed. She knew it would be like all the other hobbies I had given a whirl-- this too would pass.

That was in June of 1964, 36 years later, the quaint little radio I placed in the corner of my living room has long since disappeared. I went from the living room to the basement, from the basement to my daughter's room when she went off to college. I now have a room especially built for my radio equipment. It's called a shack, my wife says it is appropriately named because it looks like one!

Even though I insisted (like many other Husbands) my wife has never really wanted to get her own license, she think that one Ham in the house is enough. Nevertheless , she is an avid short wave listener (SWL), and when we journey to some far off city to meet with the people I've spoken to over the years, I can see the excitement on her face.

Amateur Radio is a method of communicating that break down all language, social, and political barriers. To compliment a QSO (conversation) Amateur Radio operators exchange their personal cards. Cards that are much like a business card, it gives you the name of the person, the date, time and frequency you spoke to them. It also gives you their address and the signal strength that they are registering on your radio signal strength meter.

There are many ways to communicate with other Hams. We refer to them as modes. There is either AM (voice) upper or lower side band (voice), morse code, slow scan television, and my favorite, digital with the computer.

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